Friday, December 13, 2013

Prize Giving Reflection

Prize giving was really amazing for me. On Thursday night the 12th of November 2013 was my last year of Point England Schools prize giving. Being a year eight student spending my last time at this school will be a really sad moment for my friends and I. Being at this prize giving was to support friends. I was really proud for my best friend Jasmine who won three awards.

Jasmine and I performed in the Kapa haka group just to have a little fun for our last year here at Point England School. The Kapa Haka did a great job of performing with a lot of Kia Kaha. Our Tutors Miss.Tito and Mr.G were really proud of our performances we put out there.

Watching the younger kids dance was so surprising. The surprising moment about it was how they danced and the cool songs they chose. My favourite performance from them will have to be the year sevens dance. What I loved about their performance was their songs and their acting. The song they chose was Will Smiths song “Prince of Bel Air.”

Now it was our time to shine. The year eight girls and boys all hurried to their places. Hearing everybody cheering for us made me have butterflies in my stomach. Then I thought to my head “who cares just try my best for my last year of intermediate.” Dancing with joy I could tell that my friends and I was having fun.

It was coming to the end of saying goodnight to everybody. Mr and Mrs.Burt was really proud of all of us. All of the year five,six and sevens turned around and was prepared to sing the school song. “TO TAKE” we all yelled from the top of our lungs was the ending of our school song. Smiling at everybody my mum was proud of my effort. Prize giving was the best night ever!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Netbook Reflection

Using netbooks for the past three years has been great. Netbooks has helped me in many ways. Such as Maths, Reading and especially my Writing. It taught me how to do maths in easy ways and it also taught me how to pronounce words that I didn't know how to say. It's really great to have my own netbook that'll connect to a wi-fi where I can do my own work in my own time.

The first time when I heard that our school was getting netbooks I was really excited. For the fact the first time was a sad moment for me. A couple weeks after I had my own netbook I dropped it by accident. I had to wait for one whole year for my screen to be replaced. From then and now on I’m being way more careful of where I walk.

Having a netbook is also good for me so I can teach some of my family members how to work technology or how to go on different sites. It also helped my dad how to work his tablet. I sometimes struggle with my learning on internet but I still keep on practicing.

One of my favourite sites will be Math Whizz. Math Whizz is a online site where anybody can sign up and learn many math levels. It taught me how to do Ratios and my Division. Math Whizz has really been a big help in my Maths. I have really shown a big growth from my math level then and now.

I’ll like to give a big thanks to Mr and Mrs.Burt for giving us year eights a wonderful year here at school.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Santa Parade At Papakura

A shining light coming through the window the sun rise woke me up. Waking up seeing my cousin snoring on the bed. Going back to sleep I couldn’t help myself to make breakfast. A few minutes later I heard someone screaming. “Hurry up! Wake up Tui!” my aunty yelled at the top of her lungs. Dragging my feet across the house I accidentally banged my head against the wall.

Getting ready for the santa parade I rushed my way through my clothes. Panicking through my clothes I couldn’t find my blue jumper. I looked to my left and there was a blue sleeve hanging out of the closet. Thinking to myself if I’m getting blind or that I didn’t use my eyes properly.

Walking down to the Papakura town center I saw that some of the floats were getting ready. There were all sorts of floats that I found really interesting. Looking at the playground some of our family members has came to join us to watch the santa parade. A sound of sirens coming from down the road everybody knew the parade was starting. Cheering and screaming the whole family cheered on for all the floats. My favourite one was watching the Police cops.

Scrambling lollies to everyone I caught some for my siblings. Having our rest under the trees I had a little sleep because I was still tired from this morning. “OUCH!” I yelled the rugby ball hit my leg. It was one of the family who accidentally kicked it my direction. So tired I wanted to leave back to my aunt's house. On our way back a group of us decided to have a sing off. We got home and then I went to sleep.

Monday, November 18, 2013

My Friends

First of all shes my best friend. Shes very thoughtful and kind and loves to laugh. Jasmine is tall and likes to have fun. Shes really into music and likes the boy band “The Wanted.” Her favourite singer is Nathan Sykes. My favourite memory with her will be spending my birthday with her. We really had a great time at my birthday especially when it came to dinner. We had MacDonald's and it was really delicious. Jasmine and I were really full but we still ate our dinner.

My favourite memory with Roezala is when I first met her. She was very nice and was really quite. She is a great singer at kapa haka. She really likes to speak loud and be funny. She brings back so many funny memories. She has a bright smile and loves to be happy. I really like spending time with her when ever I’m alone.

Hosannah, he is also my best friend that I love to hang out with. He likes to say jokes which are very amusing. His favourite hobbies will be singing. He has a great voice that everybody likes to hear. Hosannah likes to be fierce and funny. My favourite memory with him will be growing up with him in kindergarten.

Te Rina:
She might be short but also my friend. Shes beautiful and very bright. She likes hip hop music and likes to spend time outside. Shes very happy and likes to run around. Te Rina loves taking photos of herself. My favourite memory with her will have to be at athletics day. She was really funny on the day. We both had an amazing time together.

My lucky last will be one of my favourite friends Ashleigh. I really like how she likes to talk about rugby or league. I really love how she laughs so loud. Shes really fun to hang out with and to talk to. We both like mocking each other and it’s really funny when we go serious on each other. My best memory with her will be spending a fun time with her at our Touch tournament. Ashleigh and I really enjoyed our day playing touch.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Athletics Day

Sun shining into my face I was still half asleep. Waking up with a bright sight from the window my mum told me to get up for athletics. Rushing down the hallway trying to find my stuff for the day My brother hid my socks. Looking around my room there was one place I didn’t check. It was under my bed covered with books.

Walking to school ready to do some challenges. Entering the school with my house colour clothes on supporting team red which was Te Arawa. Walking around school it seemed like our school Point England turned into Rainbows End. Seeing everybody in different colours especially my friends we all had a challenge of who can come a placing in most events. The main events of athletics were High jump, Disc isc, Shot put and Sprints.

Lining up in our year groups I saw that my friends are really competitive on these events. Our first event was Javelin. A lot of girls were trying their best to come a placing.  It way my time to through and I tried my best to come a placing. I threw it and came second. Then I got placed down by my friend Rita, she came first. For the past events it came to my favourite sport which was High jump. I came second place with Andrea.

Heading to sprints I was so nervous that I thought I was going to fail. Lining up with some of the fast girls this was going to be a challenge. Ready...Set....GO! running and running trying to run my fastest I came fourth placing. Walking around after the race I dropped to the ground and had a quick breathe. After my day after school was really tiring. Walking back home with my friends we had a quick feed. Saying our goodbyes before I headed off home.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Show not tell

BOOM! a plane crashed landed and bumped into the ground of a strange jungle. Three screaming voices were heard coming from the plane. Unconscious and wounded, two of the men got out of the flaming plane. They heard a voice screaming “Help! Help!”. They quickly tried to find this strange voice as they looked up into the tall tree. It was a lady who was belted up to one of the branches. Climbing up onto the tree one of the men got a sharp metal that was part of the plane and tried to cut the branch off. A large thud was heard as the lady fell onto the ground. She thanked the men from getting her out of the tree.

Introducing themselves the lady was Kelly she was a explorer. The two men were Jacob and Mike they were doctors from U.S going to help the kids in Africa. Looking around they didn’t know which way was North or South because they were surrounded by tall trees. They all decided to find a way out of the jungle.

Lurking through the jungle bushes moving and leaves blowing everywhere. Tree brunches are falling in nearly every direction they walked. Jacob took a closer look at these trees and saw that monkeys are watching every step they took. Crazy animal noises coming from the trees made Mike scream like a girl and that made Jacob panic. Kelly told them don’t worry they’ll be safe as long as they stay together. To Be Continued


Tetris is a game that involves skill and thought. The object of the game is to make lines with the shapes given to gain points and reach a higher level.  This game is very addictive and really gets your mind thinking. This game also helps with understanding of shapes so it is very good for teachers to let their students play!

Thursday, October 31, 2013


Kia ora tatou
Greetings to us all

Kua hui mai nei
Who gathered here today

Ki tenei wahi
To this place

Ki te mau mai
To Bring

I tga whakaaro pai
The good thoughts

Ka nui Te Aroha
Great is the The love

Mo to kotou kaha
For your support

Ki te huihui mai
In gathering

Ki te ako
To learn

I nga take

E pa ana ki tenei wananga
Concerning this school of learning

No reira tena koutou, tena koutou, tena ra tatou katoa

Therefore greetings once, greetings twice, greetings again to us all.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Comparing our life in Auckland to Syria

Writing:Life in auckland
Waking up with an annoying voice entering my head, my brother stomped into my room banging a wooden spoon against a silver steel pot right next to my head. I wished that I had woken up earlier. I hated early mornings, I’m really not a morning person. Dragging my feet around the house I tried to get ready for school as fast as I could. In the car still half asleep, my head started to wander around until we hit a bump.
Life in Syria:Morning
With shivers down her spine she woke up in the cold. She was starving with hunger and was wanting some breakfast. With stacks of sugar bags and plastic sheeting to make her house warm, she was still freezing. There was nobody in her life to keep her company because of the war.

Life in Auckland:Lunch
I looked among the fields to see that kids are happy. Playing on playgrounds and fields it was a bright sunny day. Having a race up and down the fields I raced against my fastest friends. Huffing and puffing my friends were too fast for me, so I stopped and looked forward to eating my packed lunch.

Life in Syria: Lunch
Starving and tired the young girl was looking on the streets for food. Everybody was sad all around her because they were suffering from hunger. Kids were crying and families were dying from the serious injuries they had because of the war. It was hard trying to find a safer area to live because the only places they could go to was abandoned buildings or refugee camps.

Life in Auckland:Night
In bed ready to go sleep my eyes were dead asleep. Warm in my bed I could tell my brother was straight asleep after I could hear his snoring.

Life in Syria:Night
Freezing under her shelter she had no blanket or anything that could keep her warm. She had no clothes but the ones that she was wearing, which was a ripped t-shirt and shorts that were two sizes too big for her. Completely exhausted, the girl drifted off to sleep into the cold.

Friday, October 18, 2013

The first day of Term 4

Oh-no !! back to school this week. Getting dropped off to school wondering if class will still be the same or different. Entering the class I see that my teacher has changed the theme on our wall. The theme of this term is What in the world is going on? Sitting at our table my friends and I were talking about our holiday. Many of us had a great holiday.

Sitting in our school hall many of my friends are here. Waiting for our principle to arrive every teacher i see is in a costume. Introducing our theme What in the world is going on Mr.Burt dressed up as Mike McRobbits.

Time for team one they made a movie that they are going to learn about What is going on in Glen Innes. What I loved about their movie is that they dressed up as foxes and their background song was "The Fox". Team two, they are learning about different celebrations around the world. Then it was time for team three and they act was a pancake eating contest. My favourite part of their act was when they covered Miss.Walters face with cream, Make up and golden syrup.

Onto the last two acts was really amazing. First was Team four and they made a rap. The rap was about farming so this term the year 6's are learning about farms. The last act was team five our teachers have made a movie about their past. Learning about our teachers past makes me want to learn even more about them specially about my teacher Mrs.Lagitupu. I think that this term will be amazing.

Monday, September 16, 2013

My Term 3 reflection (Rugby)

Playing for the first time at the sevens tournament was a big thing for me. The girls that I saw at the games were all sorts of sizes skinny, big, strong or weak. Playing the first three team were sort of average. They were all easy except for one which was the big girls. They gave me bruises sore arms and legs but atleast I know how this game go’s now.

A couple of weeks later we had a tournament in our area. It was to year 6 to year 8 Rugby and Rippa rugby girls and boys. Our first Rugby game was against Glen Innes Primary. Walking onto the field after our cheer looking at our opponent. Being a winger is the important position in the team you’ll have to be quick and hard. Looking at my other player she was short,skinny and also faster than me. Getting to full time the score was 3-2 to Point England. Going for the last score the siren went off but at least we beaten them by one point.

Having our break we just got some great news. It seems like Glen Innes primary was the only team we needed to defeat so we could go Auckland champs. When everybody was eating I started to get bored so I started a game up of Touch. We had two teams one was year 5-6 and the other team was year 7-8. On the last touch it was my turn to run, running and running one of the girls catched up so I stepped her. The second girl Sisilia shes fast so I decided to run as fast as I can, then Hannah came up shes really fast but not as fast as me.

Second round for all the schools to go to their fields. Before going to the fields we had a quick prayer. Giving each other confidence is the main plan in our game so all of us aren’t shy. I’m standing on the sideline cheering my team on “Go Point England.” Onto Half time it’s a close game. “GO POINT ENGLAND GO GO” I shouted. Mary is running up and she runs the whole team out and scores us a try. 3-1 is the score for now lets see if they make it. YAY !!!!!! everybody heard the full time noise after Jay’lee scored us a try, all of us were amazed and shocked. Walking home with happiness we were proud of all of us.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My Birthday Is Coming Up

This Sunday the 15th of September 2013 I’m finally turning thirteen. Yes it’s my birthday this Sunday. Turning 13 is a big step in my life because I’m finally becoming a teen. Being dramatic about my birthday really annoys my parents. Smiling everyday at school everybody is looking at me like a weirdo.

Coming home wondering what I will be getting for my birthday. Will I get a Iphone, a samsung or a teddy bear will be the first things on my wish list. Instead of a birthday cake I asked my mum if I could have a birthday pie instead. I rather have a pie than a cake because having cakes every time on my birthday is really not my thing anymore.

My thoughts on my birthday will be party balloons, heaps of presents and a lot of junk food but something always comes and interrupts my thoughts.” Just thinking about my birthday I just can’t stop smiling. I hope I have a very happy day.

Friday, August 23, 2013

My reflection on movie making

Yellow hat- What I enjoyed: What I enjoyed about being in the movie creativity group is that I got to act in our movie. I also love editing the movie and I’m so glad it ended perfect.

Black hate-What I didn't like: The things I hated was the weather. Raining and drowsy made more difficult for our group to video. I also didn’t like the people that interfered through our movie.

green- What I found interesting: What I found interesting during our time was how much we learnt about taking different shots and our acting. Secondly was that our movie turned out okay.

white- What did I learn: Was to not record portrait or else it will leave black spots on the side of your video.


Bright skies and muddy fields all around me. Sweaty skin and B.O is what I could smell. Little kids and big kids cheering for their team: Te Arawa, Tainui, Takitimu and Mataatua. Four different teams with different house colours. Te arawa was red, Tainui was blue, Takitimu is yellow and Mataatua was green. Different age group went one after another, I’m already starting to have the butterflies.Nervous with shivers down my spine I was scared that I could barely walk to the start. Two feet behind the start and I was already settled. “Ready, set and GO!” all of us girls sprinted for our lives. Making our way past the first corner I was in the lead. One girl and another making her way past me “oh my gosh when will these girls stop” I yelled.

Huffing and puffing I was making my way to Mr.Summerville “come on Tui you can make it” he cheered on. Making my way across a puddle I was sweating hot so I decided to have one little dive. So glad and so cold I was running out of the puddle. At the end of the reserve I saw a person standing there waving his hand in the air. It was Mr.barks. Pointing his hand to the left showing my way back to school. Running in zig-zags I was puffed out. Walking to the gates I felt like dropping dead.

Under the goalpost doing one more lap. As I look back upon my shoulder I saw a few of my friends in a group. Still continuing my run I decided to make it all the way for my last year. My legs were in pain but I didn’t really care I just wanted to get this over with. Running by some boys Crusader and Ashine “Go boys you can do it to the end” I supported them. Half way across the fields I was nearly finish. Sprinting and sprinting running to the finish line and I'm finished. On the ground puffed to death I am never doing that run again.

Waiting for everybody to leave it was just all of us house captains. There was still water left so we decided to have a water fight. Laughing with madness we all got wet then we all said our byes to our teachers. Walking home with my friends was exciting we all shared our thought’s on the cross-country.

Friday, August 9, 2013

My creativity learning reflection

Yellow Hat - The things I enjoyed?
What I  enjoyed about creative strand was finding different ideas from my friends designs. I really enjoy being with Miss Tito because she is THE BEST !!
Black Hat - Which things didn’t I like?
The things I didn’t like was coming up with my own ideas. I really had trouble drawing my designs on my wood because I wanted it perfect. My second thought I didn’t like was carving. My carving was horrible but came out alright.
Green Hat - What was something interesting about this week?
What I found interesting was that our topic of the week was Samoan designs and that was easy for me. Learning different designs that I didn’t know about my own country was so amazing. My favourite design was the star fish because it was nice and simple and it also looks like a flower.
White Hat - What did I learn?
I learnt that you never put your other hand in front of the hand that’s carving the wood. I also learnt that you don’t rush on your work. Lastly is learning new designs that inspired me.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Should pit bulls be banned from NZ?

Should pit bulls be banned from NZ? Well I think we shouldn't because pit bulls are one of my favourite dogs in the world. They are so fun to play with especially when you're playing Frisbee with them. My favourite thing I like about this dog is that they can be so cuddly when they want to cuddle with me.

You know, all pit bulls aren't bad it’s just how their owners treat them or raise them. I think it’s wrong for pit bulls to be banned because they haven’t done anything wrong! Yeah pit bulls can be bad but if you just give them attention they just might leave you alone. Pit bulls have a great personality.

Hearing that question about Should Pit bulls Be Banned From NZ was really heartbreaking to me. I think it’s just a sad thing that people want these kind of dogs out of New Zealand but the main thing I don’t get is why pit bulls should be banned from NZ? They’re just like other dogs!  

Harry and Katie/Gingerbread man fairytale

Once upon a time a little girl and boy named Harry and Katie were wandering in the forest. Lost and confused they came across a house made out of candy. “I wonder who lives there?” Katie said to the Harry. Wandering closer and closer, the children became more curious. “Mmmm! it smells delicious” Harry said while rubbing his stomach. Walking up to the door it slowly screeched open. The children became a little scared.

Lollies could be seen everywhere on the shelves and floor. To the left was a table with lollies and delicious chocolate cakes. The kids couldn’t help themselves but to start eating. Eating and eating they began to grow bigger and bigger. The childrens faces were full of terror when they saw a witch rocking in her chair. The kids weren’t feeling hungry anymore so they tried to leave the house.

Katie went first but she couldn’t fit through the door. Next Harry tried to go through but the same thing happened to him. “Is somebody there?” a voice came out of the darkness. Crying and crying the kids shouted back ”Help me Help we’re lost and afraid.”

Walking into the light the kids saw the witch and started to scream. “Don’t eat us please, please we beg you!” the kids cried. The witch took one more step then all of a sudden the girl pulled a rope that made the doors lock. “I thought you needed help?” The witch screamed loudly. The kids finally saw that she wasn’t a witch she was a cook but they didn’t care. Screaming and crying the lady was burning into pieces.

They opened the doors and a little shadow came out of the fog. It looked small and tasty and similar to a gingerbread man. The children started to giggle. Harry was feeling hungry for one more feast. Katiel said “NO it’s mine!” No it’s mine the boy replied.

During their argument they saw the gingerbread man sprinting out of the doors singing “Run run as fast as you can you can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread man!”. Out of the door he ran into the forest never to be seen again.

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Oobleck! do you know what Oobleck is? Well let me tell you what it is. Oobleck is a science project that our class has made. It is a fun experiment to play with.

First you’ll need a cup, a bowl, corn flour, water and any food colouring. Then you wash your hands. Third you get your corn flour and put one cup in. Next you add the water and start mixing it with your hands. After it’s mixed you’ll have to add the food colouring and then you mix that together. After it’s mixed you end up with a mixture in a bowl like this.

When you try grab it out of your bowl it will feel hard but when it’s in your hands it will start to melt. If you want to have heaps of Oobleck you must add the same amount in with the corn flour and water so it won’t become a disaster. Here is your OOBLECK!!

Hope you have fun playing with your Oobleck!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Information about Metabolism

Here is a quick presentation that me and my friends have put together. It is all about Metabolism. Hope you enjoy !

Friday, June 21, 2013

Creativity Reflection

RED HAT: What I felt about this week was very exciting. I really loved this week because we had to make a video based on the king of pop (Michael Jackson).

GREEN HAT: The interesting things I found about this task is that I got to partner up with one of my friends. My friend and I were the only girls that did “Beat It” from Michael Jackson.

BLACK HAT: The stuff I didn't enjoy was standing there listening to my friend talk a lot. She can be a waste of time.

YELLOW HAT: The stuff I did enjoy was having a look at my other friends movies. They were great actors !!

WHITE HAT: The stuff I learnt about making movies is that you should take different shots to make them interesting. Such as a close up, far shot and medium shot.

BLUE HAT: The things that I should work on next time is taking better shots through my movie. That I should be creative with my editing and that I should plan better.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The prospective student

Frustrated and worried the boy was climbing up the rocky cliff. He looked down and he was metres away from the ground so he carried on climbing. He slipped and and nearly fell, he was terrified. Taking his last hand on the top of the cliff and he was glad he made it. Taking a quick breath as he looked up and saw a school. Walking and puffing the boy came up to the gigantic doors. He knocked and the doors slowly opened.

Out of the shadows was a tall balded man. The student was worried if he would've made it in. The tall man stared at the boy for a while and pointed to his right. The boy thought he was told to go. The next morning the student was sitting outside meditating. Slowly walking out the balded man saw him sitting and so he pointed away frustrated. Still the boy was sad as he walked off with his head down. Off the stairs the student was mad in flames with his fist closed tight.

Running back like a steaming train he knocked down the doors. Full of anger he looked right into the mans eyes as he was prepared to fight him. The man was still standing there doing nothing and as before he pointed to his right with a sign saying “Please use the side entrance.” The boy was embarrassed of himself as he walked off being sorry.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Weet-bix and Nutri-grain

Here is a short presentation about Weet-bix and Nutri-grain. Me and my friends Alexandria and Rozela have been searching about different sorts of things about Weet bix and Nutri-grain. Hope you enjoy!

Friday, June 7, 2013


FRIDAY! The best day of the week. Friday is my favourite day of the week because everyday after school I'm always tired and I hardly get sleep. Also because I get to see my family in the weekend.

Some people may not like Friday for many reasons. Sometimes because they might miss school or there’s something coming up in the weekend that they don’t want to do. The song that I love to sing on Friday’s is “It’s Friday” from Rebecca Friday.

Every Friday me and my friends love going wild during lunchtimes and P.E. We love draining our energy before after school because we love to have fun every Friday. Having fun is awesome. You get fit, you have fun, you start playing around and you make happy memories.

Sometimes on Friday night’s the family always have a movie night. So when my dad gets home we’ll get ready to go to the movies. The last movie we watched was Mt Zion. Yes that was a long time ago but I'm still excited to see what movie we’re watching next. Enjoying movie day with your family is way much better with friends. Bonding with loved ones is what I love to do everyday!


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ice cream

Yummy and mouth watering, eating Chocolate ice cream is my favourite thing to do. Hot sunny days, what should I have? The first thing that comes into my mind is chocolate ice cream.

Everywhere I look in the fridge, in the freezer, at the beach and at the shops. “Mum can I have a ice cream please!” I always beg my mum every time we go to the shops. Tasting the nice delicious chocolate on the ice cream taste like heaven.

A smile on my face as I finished my ice cream. Sometimes when there's no ice cream I start to worry. My brother said I've been having too much ice cream and that I need to ease up on the chocolate. Well maybe I should.  

For the past four days I haven't been eating ice cream. My mum asked if I wanted some ice cream but I refused to eat. She was shocked of what I said. This was the first time I've said no thank you to ice cream.

So ice cream may seem rich in flavour but you should ease up eating it. It might cause really bad habits just like how I use to freak out about no ice cream.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Why I love being fit

I love being fit because I like to run and have fun. I also love joining sports mostly like Rugby. Rugby is my favourite sport in the world. I love tackling, running, side stepping and also enjoying the game with my friends. Being fit with your friends makes it more fun to play rugby with.

Being fit can be one of the hardest things to do. You have to eat right and run a lot but my way of course is just doing fitness 3 times a week. Our Team 5 classes go for a run around our school reserve. We are practicing for the fun run at the end of the term. We are fundraising for our year 8 camp. We have to complete a five kilometre run.

My family and I sometimes go for a early morning run. We start from our house, then we run down to the reserve, back up and past my school then back to our house. We do this four days a week. We love being fit and especially sporty. All the grandchildren in my family have their own different sport they love to enjoy especially basketball. I love Rugby instead.

I feel in life is that being fit is better than being unfit. Staying fit is awesome. You should try and push yourself forward so you can be fit just how you want to be. Just try and you can live the life you always wanted.

How I feel about winter

Winter is here!! My favourite season of the year has finally come. Windy days and stormy nights I needed about three blankets to keep warm. Winter can be dangerous, in a bad storm the winds can blow trees over.

What I love about winter is that I love drinking hot chocolate. That I also love sleeping during the stormy nights, keeping warm in my blankets. Then I love watching what’s happening outside. Big puddle’s and tree’s on the ground I see broken pieces of wood everywhere.

The things I hate about the weather is that I can get sick so quick. That I also have to stay home when I'm excited for school or that the school might have to cancel our favourite disco that's coming up. Then the last one is that my mum takes out her frustration at the weather and the traffic it causes on me and my siblings.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Can Tap water be good for you??

Tap water, is it healthy for you or not?? Here are some good and bad things that I found out about tap water. Let’s start with good things.

The good thing’s about tap water is that it keeps us hydrated. It really helps us lose weight. It’s healthy for us to drink and it really helps our skin being healthy.

OK, onto the bad things. Did you know if you drink too much water you’ll start having a stomach ache. You can really get germs from sharing your water with a friend. It can really give you a disease it’s called Waterborne. It has caused over 1.8 million deaths annually.

So can it be healthy for you?? well for my choice to say is that it is good for you. I choose good because all the thing’s that water has done for me was to keep me hydrated, keep me healthy, keep my skin healthy and last but not least it keeps me up and fit. Don’t you agree? So leave a comment of what you think about water. Is it good or bad for you?

Obesity in America

Obesity has come through U.S very quickly. There are many people that are getting affected by junk food addiction. Obesity has been affecting people's health in America. It causes heart attacks, heart disease, diabetes, shortness of breath and knee pains.

In some countries their coffins have to be extra big so the obese people are able to fit in the coffin. The coffin weighed 1000 pounds. It could hold a person that died 750 pounds.

Some people that are obese have problems like, lack of mobility (movement). There are people AND even kids that are dying at a younger age just because of obesity. The youngest age that has died was around 11 years old.

There is a store in America that has EXTREMELY affected some people of obesity. The store is called Heart Attack Drill. Their theme was hospitals and nurses.Their meat patties in the burgers use to be six pounds but now they are 12 pounds. A man who use to go there everytime died at the age of 29 because of pneumonia.He weigh over 570 pounds.

So obesity is a very dangerous disease. It can can kill you at a very young age. So think before you start eating if it’s healthy or not. You can eat some junk food but just watch out you might start getting addicted to it!