Monday, December 2, 2013

Santa Parade At Papakura

A shining light coming through the window the sun rise woke me up. Waking up seeing my cousin snoring on the bed. Going back to sleep I couldn’t help myself to make breakfast. A few minutes later I heard someone screaming. “Hurry up! Wake up Tui!” my aunty yelled at the top of her lungs. Dragging my feet across the house I accidentally banged my head against the wall.

Getting ready for the santa parade I rushed my way through my clothes. Panicking through my clothes I couldn’t find my blue jumper. I looked to my left and there was a blue sleeve hanging out of the closet. Thinking to myself if I’m getting blind or that I didn’t use my eyes properly.

Walking down to the Papakura town center I saw that some of the floats were getting ready. There were all sorts of floats that I found really interesting. Looking at the playground some of our family members has came to join us to watch the santa parade. A sound of sirens coming from down the road everybody knew the parade was starting. Cheering and screaming the whole family cheered on for all the floats. My favourite one was watching the Police cops.

Scrambling lollies to everyone I caught some for my siblings. Having our rest under the trees I had a little sleep because I was still tired from this morning. “OUCH!” I yelled the rugby ball hit my leg. It was one of the family who accidentally kicked it my direction. So tired I wanted to leave back to my aunt's house. On our way back a group of us decided to have a sing off. We got home and then I went to sleep.

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