Monday, November 18, 2013

My Friends

First of all shes my best friend. Shes very thoughtful and kind and loves to laugh. Jasmine is tall and likes to have fun. Shes really into music and likes the boy band “The Wanted.” Her favourite singer is Nathan Sykes. My favourite memory with her will be spending my birthday with her. We really had a great time at my birthday especially when it came to dinner. We had MacDonald's and it was really delicious. Jasmine and I were really full but we still ate our dinner.

My favourite memory with Roezala is when I first met her. She was very nice and was really quite. She is a great singer at kapa haka. She really likes to speak loud and be funny. She brings back so many funny memories. She has a bright smile and loves to be happy. I really like spending time with her when ever I’m alone.

Hosannah, he is also my best friend that I love to hang out with. He likes to say jokes which are very amusing. His favourite hobbies will be singing. He has a great voice that everybody likes to hear. Hosannah likes to be fierce and funny. My favourite memory with him will be growing up with him in kindergarten.

Te Rina:
She might be short but also my friend. Shes beautiful and very bright. She likes hip hop music and likes to spend time outside. Shes very happy and likes to run around. Te Rina loves taking photos of herself. My favourite memory with her will have to be at athletics day. She was really funny on the day. We both had an amazing time together.

My lucky last will be one of my favourite friends Ashleigh. I really like how she likes to talk about rugby or league. I really love how she laughs so loud. Shes really fun to hang out with and to talk to. We both like mocking each other and it’s really funny when we go serious on each other. My best memory with her will be spending a fun time with her at our Touch tournament. Ashleigh and I really enjoyed our day playing touch.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Athletics Day

Sun shining into my face I was still half asleep. Waking up with a bright sight from the window my mum told me to get up for athletics. Rushing down the hallway trying to find my stuff for the day My brother hid my socks. Looking around my room there was one place I didn’t check. It was under my bed covered with books.

Walking to school ready to do some challenges. Entering the school with my house colour clothes on supporting team red which was Te Arawa. Walking around school it seemed like our school Point England turned into Rainbows End. Seeing everybody in different colours especially my friends we all had a challenge of who can come a placing in most events. The main events of athletics were High jump, Disc isc, Shot put and Sprints.

Lining up in our year groups I saw that my friends are really competitive on these events. Our first event was Javelin. A lot of girls were trying their best to come a placing.  It way my time to through and I tried my best to come a placing. I threw it and came second. Then I got placed down by my friend Rita, she came first. For the past events it came to my favourite sport which was High jump. I came second place with Andrea.

Heading to sprints I was so nervous that I thought I was going to fail. Lining up with some of the fast girls this was going to be a challenge. Ready...Set....GO! running and running trying to run my fastest I came fourth placing. Walking around after the race I dropped to the ground and had a quick breathe. After my day after school was really tiring. Walking back home with my friends we had a quick feed. Saying our goodbyes before I headed off home.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Show not tell

BOOM! a plane crashed landed and bumped into the ground of a strange jungle. Three screaming voices were heard coming from the plane. Unconscious and wounded, two of the men got out of the flaming plane. They heard a voice screaming “Help! Help!”. They quickly tried to find this strange voice as they looked up into the tall tree. It was a lady who was belted up to one of the branches. Climbing up onto the tree one of the men got a sharp metal that was part of the plane and tried to cut the branch off. A large thud was heard as the lady fell onto the ground. She thanked the men from getting her out of the tree.

Introducing themselves the lady was Kelly she was a explorer. The two men were Jacob and Mike they were doctors from U.S going to help the kids in Africa. Looking around they didn’t know which way was North or South because they were surrounded by tall trees. They all decided to find a way out of the jungle.

Lurking through the jungle bushes moving and leaves blowing everywhere. Tree brunches are falling in nearly every direction they walked. Jacob took a closer look at these trees and saw that monkeys are watching every step they took. Crazy animal noises coming from the trees made Mike scream like a girl and that made Jacob panic. Kelly told them don’t worry they’ll be safe as long as they stay together. To Be Continued


Tetris is a game that involves skill and thought. The object of the game is to make lines with the shapes given to gain points and reach a higher level.  This game is very addictive and really gets your mind thinking. This game also helps with understanding of shapes so it is very good for teachers to let their students play!