Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Beep Test

BEEP!! I started running. Doing the beep test is very tiring. You have to run from one point to another before you hear the beep. If you hear a beep noise before you get to the other side you are out. It was a very hot day!

Starting level two I'm starting to puff a little. Looking side to side my friends are still running with me. One friend to another we are all starting to slow down. I heard level four when I was running. I couldn't take it but I still pushed myself to achieve. Nearly there I was to the line but suddenly BEEP!! I was out.

Huffing and puffing I was tired like I was in the desert. Sweating hot I needed more water. My friend was waiting for me as she had another water to cool herself down. Back in the shade I didn't want to leave my spot. My friend told me I did a great job!

I was cheering on my friend Tauwhare, she is very fit. She was trying her best to keep on focus. Backwards and forwards I see her slowing down. I still cheered for her because she was the last girl in our class to run. On level 8 she was nearly there but she ran out because she was tired but at least she tried her best!

After everyone had a rest we all got into lines and went to class. On the way to class we were all talking about how far we ran. At class our sports teacher showed us what level we ran and mine was Level 4.5! I was really shocked that I ran that far but at least I did my best!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I love sports!

Sports, it is my favourite subject in school. I love running and I love to get fit. My favourite sport is rugby! There is a trial at school for the year 8 girls straight after morning tea. The test is called the beep test. You have to make its to the other side of the courts before the beep sound comes. Every level you complete it gets faster so its really hard to catch up on.

At home I play with my brother. We get some of our neighbourhood friends to come over! Logan and I are one team and my brother and John is the other team. Running fast as I could my brother chased me he went for a quick tackle and I fell to the ground. I quickly passed it to Logan as he scored a try.

At school our class does P.E! We go for a run around the field and then when we get back we have a five minute break. After our break we do shuttle runs. The first group will be the girls then go’s the boys.

So I can’t wait until the trials and I hope I make it in!

Monday, March 25, 2013

My Morning's On Saturday's

The sound of birds chirping in the morning waking up, I smell breakfast!! Bacon and eggs sizzling on the fry pan, a smell of toast just popped up from the toaster. Kicking back in the lounge watching Fresh is my style! Laughing at the jokes which makes me smile.

Now I'm at the table eating the bacon and eggs getting full already. What is next? My mum told me it’s time to do the dishes. Doing the dishes isn't me because that’s just the thing about me. I hate doing the dishes and also the lawns, I struggle and struggle then I start to moan.

I might sound like a lazy person but to be honest I'm not! I love cleaning my room and the house so I'm not lazy. Now I'm back to my room already nice and tidy, my eye’s are heavy while I drift off to sleep.

Snoring is all you hear coming from my room. My brother stomps in like a elephant and chucks a pillow at me! I quickly got up and was shocked to death that I got two pillows and started chucking them back at him. Running out my brother sprints back to his room. Kicking back my day continues!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

The old man enjoying his view

Walking among the sandy beach a old man enjoying his view. A big step on the beach is a memory of his childhood. Waves clashed together as he hears the screaming winds. Seagulls are flying and glistening sand beneath his feet. Footsteps follow behind him. He looks out further to the sea until he just sees islands.

Strolling across the beach hearing happiness everywhere! Children running and playing and families enjoying their picnics. The man still remembers his times with his family when he was young. Surfing and volley was on, laughter everywhere the man walks.

Singing a song to himself the man was glad. He loved the sounds of the ocean. Holding his sandals and walking in bare feet. Different shells he finds interesting that he sees. Smiling the old man was happy.

As his day carried on the man was happy and was enjoying his life and his view!!!

Stks the amazing musician!!

​Stks, a very inspired man who caught my eye! He is funny and very talented. I love how he plays his guitar and songs I find them very cool to listen too! He came over to our school and played three songs with us. His songs are very funny to sing along with!!! We sang a mush up with him, they had Beyonce, Jessie j and also Alicia keys lyrics during the mush up! He is a awesome musician! Search up on YouTube Stks Rhythm and Brown you will find him very talented you might know him from Tangata Pasifika!!! I hope you enjoy his videos KIA kite ano.

Friday, March 15, 2013

My weekend being sick!!

Oh-no I'm sick!! Being sick can sound fun for kids, but actually it sucks. You just sit there and watch T.V or just sit in your room playing games. Well all of that is boring for me! Having a sore stomach is painful for me. The thing I hate about is that I have to walk backwards and forwards to the toilet and my room. It's really irritating!!! Being sick has to be one of the worse things I hate, especially my enemies, THE MEDICATIONS!

I was sitting in my bed when suddenly a GROWL came from my stomach. Oh-no I moaned, I even felt worse than I thought. Back I was in my bed still bored, until something amazing happened to me. I went for a ride to drop off my uncle to his job. It might sound boring but it's better than staying home and just talk to yourself or just watch t.v!!

On our way home we saw something interesting! A truck that nearly had a car accident. Apparently the truck driver tried to reverse but he ended in the middle of the road. When we were waiting for the truck to move my aunt's favourite song was on. My aunty and I were singing loud for the world to hear, it was funny because people were staring at us like we're weirdos.

 When we were home I was so bored that I didn't want to leave the truck. I said if we can go for a walk instead of just sitting at home? My nan said I can but I have to take my cousins with me, but I was ok with it. When my cousins and I were walking we all thought the same thing... BEING SICK SUCKS!!! We all missed school because being with our friends is what we enjoy at school, seeing our friends. So if you don't like school and you want to be sick... Trust me you don't want to be sick!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Where is Ashlee???

Ashlee and her family are going to the beach!!! They all have one bag to carry to the picnic. Her mother told her to hurry up or they’ll be walking in the rain. Ashlee gazed up to her room and started looking for her shoes. “Found them!” said Ashlee she came running down the stairs and swooshed out of the door.

“Mum I’m tired” Ashlee moaned! Nearly there Ashlee’s mum replied. A sound of waves Ashlee could hear, she got over excited. Her sister Mele had a race to the beach!! Her father joined just in case they get lost. READY, SET, GO!!! Mele, Ashlee and her father zoomed off. They finally arrived at the beach.

As their mother caught up they heard a voice yelling HI ASHLEE!!! they looked back. The family was there. Mele and Ashlee couldn't wait to see all their cousins, but Ashlee was missing?

The family was worried that she might of took off near the bushes. So they all looked different directions. The kids looked around the playgrounds and the adults looked around the bushes. Mele was thinking where she might of wandered off too? Hmm, Mele saw some of Ashlee’s stuff that led to the beach. So Mele followed the path.

Mele looked right then left, she saw a girl that was making sandcastles with her bucket. It was Ashlee! Over here Mele yelled, everyone ran over. Mum and Dad hugged her because they were worried. Dad said don't ever run away again. Ashlee didn't know what was going on but she said “ok.”

They all walked back to the picnic area where they all happily had lunch together. When they got home Ashlee and Mele were puffed and was straight away to sleep.