Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Beep Test

BEEP!! I started running. Doing the beep test is very tiring. You have to run from one point to another before you hear the beep. If you hear a beep noise before you get to the other side you are out. It was a very hot day!

Starting level two I'm starting to puff a little. Looking side to side my friends are still running with me. One friend to another we are all starting to slow down. I heard level four when I was running. I couldn't take it but I still pushed myself to achieve. Nearly there I was to the line but suddenly BEEP!! I was out.

Huffing and puffing I was tired like I was in the desert. Sweating hot I needed more water. My friend was waiting for me as she had another water to cool herself down. Back in the shade I didn't want to leave my spot. My friend told me I did a great job!

I was cheering on my friend Tauwhare, she is very fit. She was trying her best to keep on focus. Backwards and forwards I see her slowing down. I still cheered for her because she was the last girl in our class to run. On level 8 she was nearly there but she ran out because she was tired but at least she tried her best!

After everyone had a rest we all got into lines and went to class. On the way to class we were all talking about how far we ran. At class our sports teacher showed us what level we ran and mine was Level 4.5! I was really shocked that I ran that far but at least I did my best!

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