Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Where is Ashlee???

Ashlee and her family are going to the beach!!! They all have one bag to carry to the picnic. Her mother told her to hurry up or they’ll be walking in the rain. Ashlee gazed up to her room and started looking for her shoes. “Found them!” said Ashlee she came running down the stairs and swooshed out of the door.

“Mum I’m tired” Ashlee moaned! Nearly there Ashlee’s mum replied. A sound of waves Ashlee could hear, she got over excited. Her sister Mele had a race to the beach!! Her father joined just in case they get lost. READY, SET, GO!!! Mele, Ashlee and her father zoomed off. They finally arrived at the beach.

As their mother caught up they heard a voice yelling HI ASHLEE!!! they looked back. The family was there. Mele and Ashlee couldn't wait to see all their cousins, but Ashlee was missing?

The family was worried that she might of took off near the bushes. So they all looked different directions. The kids looked around the playgrounds and the adults looked around the bushes. Mele was thinking where she might of wandered off too? Hmm, Mele saw some of Ashlee’s stuff that led to the beach. So Mele followed the path.

Mele looked right then left, she saw a girl that was making sandcastles with her bucket. It was Ashlee! Over here Mele yelled, everyone ran over. Mum and Dad hugged her because they were worried. Dad said don't ever run away again. Ashlee didn't know what was going on but she said “ok.”

They all walked back to the picnic area where they all happily had lunch together. When they got home Ashlee and Mele were puffed and was straight away to sleep.

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