Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I love sports!

Sports, it is my favourite subject in school. I love running and I love to get fit. My favourite sport is rugby! There is a trial at school for the year 8 girls straight after morning tea. The test is called the beep test. You have to make its to the other side of the courts before the beep sound comes. Every level you complete it gets faster so its really hard to catch up on.

At home I play with my brother. We get some of our neighbourhood friends to come over! Logan and I are one team and my brother and John is the other team. Running fast as I could my brother chased me he went for a quick tackle and I fell to the ground. I quickly passed it to Logan as he scored a try.

At school our class does P.E! We go for a run around the field and then when we get back we have a five minute break. After our break we do shuttle runs. The first group will be the girls then go’s the boys.

So I can’t wait until the trials and I hope I make it in!

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