Monday, July 8, 2013

Should pit bulls be banned from NZ?

Should pit bulls be banned from NZ? Well I think we shouldn't because pit bulls are one of my favourite dogs in the world. They are so fun to play with especially when you're playing Frisbee with them. My favourite thing I like about this dog is that they can be so cuddly when they want to cuddle with me.

You know, all pit bulls aren't bad it’s just how their owners treat them or raise them. I think it’s wrong for pit bulls to be banned because they haven’t done anything wrong! Yeah pit bulls can be bad but if you just give them attention they just might leave you alone. Pit bulls have a great personality.

Hearing that question about Should Pit bulls Be Banned From NZ was really heartbreaking to me. I think it’s just a sad thing that people want these kind of dogs out of New Zealand but the main thing I don’t get is why pit bulls should be banned from NZ? They’re just like other dogs!  

Harry and Katie/Gingerbread man fairytale

Once upon a time a little girl and boy named Harry and Katie were wandering in the forest. Lost and confused they came across a house made out of candy. “I wonder who lives there?” Katie said to the Harry. Wandering closer and closer, the children became more curious. “Mmmm! it smells delicious” Harry said while rubbing his stomach. Walking up to the door it slowly screeched open. The children became a little scared.

Lollies could be seen everywhere on the shelves and floor. To the left was a table with lollies and delicious chocolate cakes. The kids couldn’t help themselves but to start eating. Eating and eating they began to grow bigger and bigger. The childrens faces were full of terror when they saw a witch rocking in her chair. The kids weren’t feeling hungry anymore so they tried to leave the house.

Katie went first but she couldn’t fit through the door. Next Harry tried to go through but the same thing happened to him. “Is somebody there?” a voice came out of the darkness. Crying and crying the kids shouted back ”Help me Help we’re lost and afraid.”

Walking into the light the kids saw the witch and started to scream. “Don’t eat us please, please we beg you!” the kids cried. The witch took one more step then all of a sudden the girl pulled a rope that made the doors lock. “I thought you needed help?” The witch screamed loudly. The kids finally saw that she wasn’t a witch she was a cook but they didn’t care. Screaming and crying the lady was burning into pieces.

They opened the doors and a little shadow came out of the fog. It looked small and tasty and similar to a gingerbread man. The children started to giggle. Harry was feeling hungry for one more feast. Katiel said “NO it’s mine!” No it’s mine the boy replied.

During their argument they saw the gingerbread man sprinting out of the doors singing “Run run as fast as you can you can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread man!”. Out of the door he ran into the forest never to be seen again.