Friday, August 23, 2013

My reflection on movie making

Yellow hat- What I enjoyed: What I enjoyed about being in the movie creativity group is that I got to act in our movie. I also love editing the movie and I’m so glad it ended perfect.

Black hate-What I didn't like: The things I hated was the weather. Raining and drowsy made more difficult for our group to video. I also didn’t like the people that interfered through our movie.

green- What I found interesting: What I found interesting during our time was how much we learnt about taking different shots and our acting. Secondly was that our movie turned out okay.

white- What did I learn: Was to not record portrait or else it will leave black spots on the side of your video.


Bright skies and muddy fields all around me. Sweaty skin and B.O is what I could smell. Little kids and big kids cheering for their team: Te Arawa, Tainui, Takitimu and Mataatua. Four different teams with different house colours. Te arawa was red, Tainui was blue, Takitimu is yellow and Mataatua was green. Different age group went one after another, I’m already starting to have the butterflies.Nervous with shivers down my spine I was scared that I could barely walk to the start. Two feet behind the start and I was already settled. “Ready, set and GO!” all of us girls sprinted for our lives. Making our way past the first corner I was in the lead. One girl and another making her way past me “oh my gosh when will these girls stop” I yelled.

Huffing and puffing I was making my way to Mr.Summerville “come on Tui you can make it” he cheered on. Making my way across a puddle I was sweating hot so I decided to have one little dive. So glad and so cold I was running out of the puddle. At the end of the reserve I saw a person standing there waving his hand in the air. It was Mr.barks. Pointing his hand to the left showing my way back to school. Running in zig-zags I was puffed out. Walking to the gates I felt like dropping dead.

Under the goalpost doing one more lap. As I look back upon my shoulder I saw a few of my friends in a group. Still continuing my run I decided to make it all the way for my last year. My legs were in pain but I didn’t really care I just wanted to get this over with. Running by some boys Crusader and Ashine “Go boys you can do it to the end” I supported them. Half way across the fields I was nearly finish. Sprinting and sprinting running to the finish line and I'm finished. On the ground puffed to death I am never doing that run again.

Waiting for everybody to leave it was just all of us house captains. There was still water left so we decided to have a water fight. Laughing with madness we all got wet then we all said our byes to our teachers. Walking home with my friends was exciting we all shared our thought’s on the cross-country.

Friday, August 9, 2013

My creativity learning reflection

Yellow Hat - The things I enjoyed?
What I  enjoyed about creative strand was finding different ideas from my friends designs. I really enjoy being with Miss Tito because she is THE BEST !!
Black Hat - Which things didn’t I like?
The things I didn’t like was coming up with my own ideas. I really had trouble drawing my designs on my wood because I wanted it perfect. My second thought I didn’t like was carving. My carving was horrible but came out alright.
Green Hat - What was something interesting about this week?
What I found interesting was that our topic of the week was Samoan designs and that was easy for me. Learning different designs that I didn’t know about my own country was so amazing. My favourite design was the star fish because it was nice and simple and it also looks like a flower.
White Hat - What did I learn?
I learnt that you never put your other hand in front of the hand that’s carving the wood. I also learnt that you don’t rush on your work. Lastly is learning new designs that inspired me.