Friday, August 9, 2013

My creativity learning reflection

Yellow Hat - The things I enjoyed?
What I  enjoyed about creative strand was finding different ideas from my friends designs. I really enjoy being with Miss Tito because she is THE BEST !!
Black Hat - Which things didn’t I like?
The things I didn’t like was coming up with my own ideas. I really had trouble drawing my designs on my wood because I wanted it perfect. My second thought I didn’t like was carving. My carving was horrible but came out alright.
Green Hat - What was something interesting about this week?
What I found interesting was that our topic of the week was Samoan designs and that was easy for me. Learning different designs that I didn’t know about my own country was so amazing. My favourite design was the star fish because it was nice and simple and it also looks like a flower.
White Hat - What did I learn?
I learnt that you never put your other hand in front of the hand that’s carving the wood. I also learnt that you don’t rush on your work. Lastly is learning new designs that inspired me.

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