Friday, December 13, 2013

Prize Giving Reflection

Prize giving was really amazing for me. On Thursday night the 12th of November 2013 was my last year of Point England Schools prize giving. Being a year eight student spending my last time at this school will be a really sad moment for my friends and I. Being at this prize giving was to support friends. I was really proud for my best friend Jasmine who won three awards.

Jasmine and I performed in the Kapa haka group just to have a little fun for our last year here at Point England School. The Kapa Haka did a great job of performing with a lot of Kia Kaha. Our Tutors Miss.Tito and Mr.G were really proud of our performances we put out there.

Watching the younger kids dance was so surprising. The surprising moment about it was how they danced and the cool songs they chose. My favourite performance from them will have to be the year sevens dance. What I loved about their performance was their songs and their acting. The song they chose was Will Smiths song “Prince of Bel Air.”

Now it was our time to shine. The year eight girls and boys all hurried to their places. Hearing everybody cheering for us made me have butterflies in my stomach. Then I thought to my head “who cares just try my best for my last year of intermediate.” Dancing with joy I could tell that my friends and I was having fun.

It was coming to the end of saying goodnight to everybody. Mr and Mrs.Burt was really proud of all of us. All of the year five,six and sevens turned around and was prepared to sing the school song. “TO TAKE” we all yelled from the top of our lungs was the ending of our school song. Smiling at everybody my mum was proud of my effort. Prize giving was the best night ever!

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