Thursday, June 27, 2013


Oobleck! do you know what Oobleck is? Well let me tell you what it is. Oobleck is a science project that our class has made. It is a fun experiment to play with.

First you’ll need a cup, a bowl, corn flour, water and any food colouring. Then you wash your hands. Third you get your corn flour and put one cup in. Next you add the water and start mixing it with your hands. After it’s mixed you’ll have to add the food colouring and then you mix that together. After it’s mixed you end up with a mixture in a bowl like this.

When you try grab it out of your bowl it will feel hard but when it’s in your hands it will start to melt. If you want to have heaps of Oobleck you must add the same amount in with the corn flour and water so it won’t become a disaster. Here is your OOBLECK!!

Hope you have fun playing with your Oobleck!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Information about Metabolism

Here is a quick presentation that me and my friends have put together. It is all about Metabolism. Hope you enjoy !

Friday, June 21, 2013

Creativity Reflection

RED HAT: What I felt about this week was very exciting. I really loved this week because we had to make a video based on the king of pop (Michael Jackson).

GREEN HAT: The interesting things I found about this task is that I got to partner up with one of my friends. My friend and I were the only girls that did “Beat It” from Michael Jackson.

BLACK HAT: The stuff I didn't enjoy was standing there listening to my friend talk a lot. She can be a waste of time.

YELLOW HAT: The stuff I did enjoy was having a look at my other friends movies. They were great actors !!

WHITE HAT: The stuff I learnt about making movies is that you should take different shots to make them interesting. Such as a close up, far shot and medium shot.

BLUE HAT: The things that I should work on next time is taking better shots through my movie. That I should be creative with my editing and that I should plan better.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The prospective student

Frustrated and worried the boy was climbing up the rocky cliff. He looked down and he was metres away from the ground so he carried on climbing. He slipped and and nearly fell, he was terrified. Taking his last hand on the top of the cliff and he was glad he made it. Taking a quick breath as he looked up and saw a school. Walking and puffing the boy came up to the gigantic doors. He knocked and the doors slowly opened.

Out of the shadows was a tall balded man. The student was worried if he would've made it in. The tall man stared at the boy for a while and pointed to his right. The boy thought he was told to go. The next morning the student was sitting outside meditating. Slowly walking out the balded man saw him sitting and so he pointed away frustrated. Still the boy was sad as he walked off with his head down. Off the stairs the student was mad in flames with his fist closed tight.

Running back like a steaming train he knocked down the doors. Full of anger he looked right into the mans eyes as he was prepared to fight him. The man was still standing there doing nothing and as before he pointed to his right with a sign saying “Please use the side entrance.” The boy was embarrassed of himself as he walked off being sorry.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Weet-bix and Nutri-grain

Here is a short presentation about Weet-bix and Nutri-grain. Me and my friends Alexandria and Rozela have been searching about different sorts of things about Weet bix and Nutri-grain. Hope you enjoy!

Friday, June 7, 2013


FRIDAY! The best day of the week. Friday is my favourite day of the week because everyday after school I'm always tired and I hardly get sleep. Also because I get to see my family in the weekend.

Some people may not like Friday for many reasons. Sometimes because they might miss school or there’s something coming up in the weekend that they don’t want to do. The song that I love to sing on Friday’s is “It’s Friday” from Rebecca Friday.

Every Friday me and my friends love going wild during lunchtimes and P.E. We love draining our energy before after school because we love to have fun every Friday. Having fun is awesome. You get fit, you have fun, you start playing around and you make happy memories.

Sometimes on Friday night’s the family always have a movie night. So when my dad gets home we’ll get ready to go to the movies. The last movie we watched was Mt Zion. Yes that was a long time ago but I'm still excited to see what movie we’re watching next. Enjoying movie day with your family is way much better with friends. Bonding with loved ones is what I love to do everyday!


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ice cream

Yummy and mouth watering, eating Chocolate ice cream is my favourite thing to do. Hot sunny days, what should I have? The first thing that comes into my mind is chocolate ice cream.

Everywhere I look in the fridge, in the freezer, at the beach and at the shops. “Mum can I have a ice cream please!” I always beg my mum every time we go to the shops. Tasting the nice delicious chocolate on the ice cream taste like heaven.

A smile on my face as I finished my ice cream. Sometimes when there's no ice cream I start to worry. My brother said I've been having too much ice cream and that I need to ease up on the chocolate. Well maybe I should.  

For the past four days I haven't been eating ice cream. My mum asked if I wanted some ice cream but I refused to eat. She was shocked of what I said. This was the first time I've said no thank you to ice cream.

So ice cream may seem rich in flavour but you should ease up eating it. It might cause really bad habits just like how I use to freak out about no ice cream.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Why I love being fit

I love being fit because I like to run and have fun. I also love joining sports mostly like Rugby. Rugby is my favourite sport in the world. I love tackling, running, side stepping and also enjoying the game with my friends. Being fit with your friends makes it more fun to play rugby with.

Being fit can be one of the hardest things to do. You have to eat right and run a lot but my way of course is just doing fitness 3 times a week. Our Team 5 classes go for a run around our school reserve. We are practicing for the fun run at the end of the term. We are fundraising for our year 8 camp. We have to complete a five kilometre run.

My family and I sometimes go for a early morning run. We start from our house, then we run down to the reserve, back up and past my school then back to our house. We do this four days a week. We love being fit and especially sporty. All the grandchildren in my family have their own different sport they love to enjoy especially basketball. I love Rugby instead.

I feel in life is that being fit is better than being unfit. Staying fit is awesome. You should try and push yourself forward so you can be fit just how you want to be. Just try and you can live the life you always wanted.

How I feel about winter

Winter is here!! My favourite season of the year has finally come. Windy days and stormy nights I needed about three blankets to keep warm. Winter can be dangerous, in a bad storm the winds can blow trees over.

What I love about winter is that I love drinking hot chocolate. That I also love sleeping during the stormy nights, keeping warm in my blankets. Then I love watching what’s happening outside. Big puddle’s and tree’s on the ground I see broken pieces of wood everywhere.

The things I hate about the weather is that I can get sick so quick. That I also have to stay home when I'm excited for school or that the school might have to cancel our favourite disco that's coming up. Then the last one is that my mum takes out her frustration at the weather and the traffic it causes on me and my siblings.