Friday, June 21, 2013

Creativity Reflection

RED HAT: What I felt about this week was very exciting. I really loved this week because we had to make a video based on the king of pop (Michael Jackson).

GREEN HAT: The interesting things I found about this task is that I got to partner up with one of my friends. My friend and I were the only girls that did “Beat It” from Michael Jackson.

BLACK HAT: The stuff I didn't enjoy was standing there listening to my friend talk a lot. She can be a waste of time.

YELLOW HAT: The stuff I did enjoy was having a look at my other friends movies. They were great actors !!

WHITE HAT: The stuff I learnt about making movies is that you should take different shots to make them interesting. Such as a close up, far shot and medium shot.

BLUE HAT: The things that I should work on next time is taking better shots through my movie. That I should be creative with my editing and that I should plan better.

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