Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The prospective student

Frustrated and worried the boy was climbing up the rocky cliff. He looked down and he was metres away from the ground so he carried on climbing. He slipped and and nearly fell, he was terrified. Taking his last hand on the top of the cliff and he was glad he made it. Taking a quick breath as he looked up and saw a school. Walking and puffing the boy came up to the gigantic doors. He knocked and the doors slowly opened.

Out of the shadows was a tall balded man. The student was worried if he would've made it in. The tall man stared at the boy for a while and pointed to his right. The boy thought he was told to go. The next morning the student was sitting outside meditating. Slowly walking out the balded man saw him sitting and so he pointed away frustrated. Still the boy was sad as he walked off with his head down. Off the stairs the student was mad in flames with his fist closed tight.

Running back like a steaming train he knocked down the doors. Full of anger he looked right into the mans eyes as he was prepared to fight him. The man was still standing there doing nothing and as before he pointed to his right with a sign saying “Please use the side entrance.” The boy was embarrassed of himself as he walked off being sorry.

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  1. This is a great piece of writing from you Tui. Well done!


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