Friday, June 7, 2013


FRIDAY! The best day of the week. Friday is my favourite day of the week because everyday after school I'm always tired and I hardly get sleep. Also because I get to see my family in the weekend.

Some people may not like Friday for many reasons. Sometimes because they might miss school or there’s something coming up in the weekend that they don’t want to do. The song that I love to sing on Friday’s is “It’s Friday” from Rebecca Friday.

Every Friday me and my friends love going wild during lunchtimes and P.E. We love draining our energy before after school because we love to have fun every Friday. Having fun is awesome. You get fit, you have fun, you start playing around and you make happy memories.

Sometimes on Friday night’s the family always have a movie night. So when my dad gets home we’ll get ready to go to the movies. The last movie we watched was Mt Zion. Yes that was a long time ago but I'm still excited to see what movie we’re watching next. Enjoying movie day with your family is way much better with friends. Bonding with loved ones is what I love to do everyday!



  1. Hey Tui,
    Wow Tui I love Fridays is well. I go wild on Friday lunchtimes too. Well anyways awesome writing about how much you love FRIDAYS.
    Hope I see more awesome posts on your blog. Tauwhare

  2. Hello Tui
    Well done on your good work girl. Hey I love Fridays as well It's is really great
    hanging with your family's and that's why I like Fridays. Fridays are so cool because
    it's just cool. Well keep up the great effort, can't wait for more of your awesome post


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