Thursday, June 27, 2013


Oobleck! do you know what Oobleck is? Well let me tell you what it is. Oobleck is a science project that our class has made. It is a fun experiment to play with.

First you’ll need a cup, a bowl, corn flour, water and any food colouring. Then you wash your hands. Third you get your corn flour and put one cup in. Next you add the water and start mixing it with your hands. After it’s mixed you’ll have to add the food colouring and then you mix that together. After it’s mixed you end up with a mixture in a bowl like this.

When you try grab it out of your bowl it will feel hard but when it’s in your hands it will start to melt. If you want to have heaps of Oobleck you must add the same amount in with the corn flour and water so it won’t become a disaster. Here is your OOBLECK!!

Hope you have fun playing with your Oobleck!

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