Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bring it on Term 4

Kia orana this is all about BRING IT ON TERM 4. Through my writing I’ll hope you enjoy it.

What I’m going to write about is how am I going to achieve my goals through term 4. I hope that term 4 has the guts to have my last chance on being a good student of finishing it off properly.

What I love about term 4 is that we are learning and going to build different toys throughout the term. I also love it because I really miss my friends but only for two weeks.The holidays were good but not good enough about school. If you think schools are boring well I’ll say pull yourself together and get to school. School is a good place to learn as you can get a better job.

How I’m going to achieve my goals. Well This is how. I am going to focus as I am and try not get put off work. And if I’ve got spare time to do the rest of my work. So that’s what I’m going to do for my achievement.

So bring it on term 4 cause here is a girl that wont back down.Let’s see what you got.

Ka kite ano I hope you enjoyed my writing of how to achieve my learning through the term. A huge thanks to my best friend jasmine for reading my writing and giving me notice when somethings not right in my writing.

Monday, October 15, 2012

My thought's on the up-coming term

Talofa this will be about my thoughts about this term.This term is term four. I hope you enjoy my writing.

The term is all about Toy Story. Which actually means about toys. Through this term I hope we will discover all of the old toys that we haven't seen in our lives.What I hope the most is that we can make different toys through different objects that we hardly use like rubbish!!!The meaning of the theme is WHAT IS THE STORY BEHIND THE TOY.

My thought’s about this term is that I’m glad it’s about toys. I’m glad it’s about toy’s because it’s much easier to think about and you think quickly what to say in your writing. In my head the thought I’m thinking is this going to be a challenge through my writing?   

Now ladies and gentlemen boys and girls I thank my friend Jasmine for reading my writing and editing it. I also want you to stay tune and have a look at my writing over the terms. Ka kite ano!