Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Our fun times at Tamaki College

“YAY” is how this story started as we all of us was so excited to go to Tamaki College. Why are we going you say in your head, well we are going to Tamaki College because they are going to teach us new games and things that are we haven't tried yet.

When we arrived at their gym we had group leaders our team was mixed boys and girls. When we got our team leaders they introduced themselves the first person was named Katie the second one was eister and our last which was a boy Villi. When I thought in my head the way into the gym I thought our team leaders were girls but it turned out to be a boy too.

“Ok then stand up and lets go team” Katie shouted in a nice voice. Walking in line like we were playing follow the leader. On the field me and Jasmine was saying “what are we playing” to the captains. We are playing EVERY ONE IS IT. These are the rules that we must follow. 1. we must not lie 2.If someone tags you before you tag them you have to sit down 3.If the person that tags you got tag you can stand up until the last person is standing. When Eister said “GO” the boys decided to go for the girls so guess what? The girls started running away from the boys. Tag Samson said as I sat down which means all he needed is to tag “TAG” as it was too late for Samson to tag Eleva. What I like about the game that everyone started to enjoy our game.

A discussion started was in the last round of our game so quickly they said “STOP”. As we walked in the little room where they study P.E They say that we are going to play trust falls. What is trust falls? Well trust falls is when everyone in a group has one person that falls back and the catchers has to catch them. So through the game Eleva went first she was light then up next came Makalita who is also light. Then nobody volunteered to go next so I jumped up and said Catchers ready” and they said “Fallers Ready” and then the boy counted 3 2 1 then I fell. When I fell thought that I was going to drop on the floor but they catched me. As we got bored we were like moaning to play against somebody else's team so we went to other year 8/7 girls team.

NOW IT IS TIME FOR OUR CHALLENGE!!! As we saw the other team Jasmine and I saw our friend Ramona “NO” really long I said. When we were getting warmed up for the race the other team's captain SAID ARE READY we got up SET we got our stuff to together GO! she shouted.
Quickly we were saying to the person at the back with the tyre. OH NO (The bag wobbled and wobbled) and we all said “RICHARD” as his foot came off.
Starting over as quick like a lion. Halfway there and the other team near the finish line. “Woohoo” a strange crowd shouted in a proud way as all of us looked and said in a sad way ooohhh.

In the hall sad but it was just a game I thought but the other team said it’s ok. As we walked back to school we all said the we might write about what happened that day as I said Hmm ok so that’s why I have written this blog post for what we do on every fridays.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

First Day at camp

Bright skies, nice day can't wait for camp because it's a like a holiday. Walking to school hoping that I'm with my friends in a group. Got to school I was wondering why my friend was running to me say "YAY". Ouch as we bumped into each other as I felt disy. "What is it" I say "were in the same group" my friend jasmine said. After we were in our groups we started doing activities our very first one was practicing our item. Our item was Poi E as you will know and Switch witch we dance for Jump Jam. Our second activity was cooking then Kayaking and making our tents it was really a cool day for a starter. ( If you want to know more about what we did the next day I will be publishing it next time.)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Come on guys get orginised

KIA Ora this is my time table to be organised for school. The first word is extra math the time says 8:30 a.m "oh no I'm gonna miss my schedule for my Extra maths."2,4,6,8 I taped on my key board as 9+8= came back and pressed I 16 and in a funny way I said "NO" because I got it wrong but next time I am going to beat that 9+8=. After lunch I completed my writing and my blog entry which is this one but it's fun to write too. The last hour I'm deciding what to do but if you have nothing to do just finish what your teachers say like how I'm trying to do my Mihi Mihi.

And as Miss. Va'afosuaga says "come on guys get organised."

Friday, March 2, 2012

9-year-old 'run to death' as punishment

Hey come and here a sad story that I read in the NZ herold it is a really sad story and it starts like this. A nine year old she's ok but then comes a chocolate that she wasn't allow to eat which was videotaped on a school bus.when the grandmother found out she punished her by making her run until she can't run.

During the run she was huffing and puffing and then she colaps and ended up in a coma.
When she was in a coma her grandparents were judge guilty by doing a horrible thing to there grandchild. They were so sad that her mother knew what was going on and never stop her running (but I think that she knew she might claps during the run but she didn't stop her).

In a coma sounds really scary and really sad that she died in during the day, Monday 27th Feb 2011. As I said her mother did nothing when she was running she stood there and watched. When she died her family was sad that I think that they couldn't live with out her but I think her mother really cared about her.

Ok this is the end of the road for me if you want to know more click on this link and it will take you there.