Monday, March 5, 2012

Come on guys get orginised

KIA Ora this is my time table to be organised for school. The first word is extra math the time says 8:30 a.m "oh no I'm gonna miss my schedule for my Extra maths."2,4,6,8 I taped on my key board as 9+8= came back and pressed I 16 and in a funny way I said "NO" because I got it wrong but next time I am going to beat that 9+8=. After lunch I completed my writing and my blog entry which is this one but it's fun to write too. The last hour I'm deciding what to do but if you have nothing to do just finish what your teachers say like how I'm trying to do my Mihi Mihi.

And as Miss. Va'afosuaga says "come on guys get organised."

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  1. Hi Tui, it's so good that you get to do extra maths before school actually starts. I think that you are going to make very good progress. With a hard work I'm sure you're going to have more 'Yes' you're correct jumping back at you when on maths whizz.


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