Friday, May 31, 2013

Can Tap water be good for you??

Tap water, is it healthy for you or not?? Here are some good and bad things that I found out about tap water. Let’s start with good things.

The good thing’s about tap water is that it keeps us hydrated. It really helps us lose weight. It’s healthy for us to drink and it really helps our skin being healthy.

OK, onto the bad things. Did you know if you drink too much water you’ll start having a stomach ache. You can really get germs from sharing your water with a friend. It can really give you a disease it’s called Waterborne. It has caused over 1.8 million deaths annually.

So can it be healthy for you?? well for my choice to say is that it is good for you. I choose good because all the thing’s that water has done for me was to keep me hydrated, keep me healthy, keep my skin healthy and last but not least it keeps me up and fit. Don’t you agree? So leave a comment of what you think about water. Is it good or bad for you?

Obesity in America

Obesity has come through U.S very quickly. There are many people that are getting affected by junk food addiction. Obesity has been affecting people's health in America. It causes heart attacks, heart disease, diabetes, shortness of breath and knee pains.

In some countries their coffins have to be extra big so the obese people are able to fit in the coffin. The coffin weighed 1000 pounds. It could hold a person that died 750 pounds.

Some people that are obese have problems like, lack of mobility (movement). There are people AND even kids that are dying at a younger age just because of obesity. The youngest age that has died was around 11 years old.

There is a store in America that has EXTREMELY affected some people of obesity. The store is called Heart Attack Drill. Their theme was hospitals and nurses.Their meat patties in the burgers use to be six pounds but now they are 12 pounds. A man who use to go there everytime died at the age of 29 because of pneumonia.He weigh over 570 pounds.

So obesity is a very dangerous disease. It can can kill you at a very young age. So think before you start eating if it’s healthy or not. You can eat some junk food but just watch out you might start getting addicted to it!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Egg Report

New Zealand people eat 920,000,000 eggs per year. Eggs can be different colours depending on the hen (white eggs are laid by white hens and brown eggs are laid by brown hens.) The eggs only last for 21 days unrefrigerated

There can be many choices we can choose from different eggs. Most of the eggs in New Zealand come from caged hens.

Free range eggs and organic eggs come from hens who have access to an area where they can run free, stretch and flap their wings. Their eggs are more expensive. They leave the door open so in the mornings they get to walk out for some sunshine.
Barn eggs come from hens who lives on a farm. The chickens only have a little bit of space to run around. They get chicken fed and dust baths and when they go to sleep.
We eat eggs mostly because of the protein inside of it. Cooked eggs are better than raw eggs to keep us fit and healthy. They are much better because raw eggs might have bacteria and the heat that cooks the eggs eliminates the bacteria.

There can be protein found in the egg’s yolk. Free range eggs have more protein than cage eggs.  Salmonella won’t be found in NZ eggs. The eggs in NZ have a darker yolk than other countries.

Friday, May 10, 2013

My Holiday Highlights!

MORNING!!! my aunty yelled. I moaned as I slowly woke up. Stomp! stomp! stomp! I dragged my feet to the kitchen as I followed the smell of bacon and eggs. Sizzling bacon cooking on the frying pan I sat on the table waiting for my plate.

Later after my yummy breakfast I got ready to go for a walk to the rugby fields. Finding the rugby ball was difficult because I couldn't find it. Up and down looking for the ball I looked in the garage but there was still no rugby ball. “Found it” my cousin screamed we quickly put on our shoes and sprinted off to the fields. Playing passes we both started to play rugby.

Scoring tries my cousin gets her revenge. Now it’s my turn to run with the ball. Sidestepping her, she is very hard to get away from so I tried to sprint. Nearly to the goal post but she quickly tackled me down. One more chance to get there I quickly tricked her to get my goal. TRY! I finally got to the goal as I had my victory dance.

It’s five o'clock in the afternoon we started walking back home. We both enjoyed our game of rugby. We had a little stop at the shop to get us some drinks because we were puffed out. Home was just around the corner so we decided to have a race to see who can get home first. READY, SET and GO!! we both zoomed off as she tried to pull me back. A feeling came from my back as she roughly pulled me as she was ahead of me. I reached out for her hair and then pulled it, we didn't know who won but at least we had fun.

My aunt walked in the lounge and saw two girls snoring like there was a beast in the room. She got us two blankets and put them on top of us. So we both enjoyed our day.


Seeing for the first time!

WELCOME WILL.I.AM!! the whole school was so excited to meet the famous singer Two of our students Vivienne and Patrick stood up and said a prey to start with. Later on it was time to watch the kapa haka perform. Cheering on for the kapa haka girls and boys then it was time for the hip hop group. Clapping for the group it was finally time for WILL.I.AM!

Hearing his voice was amazing to know that he really came. I was so surprised that one of MY FAVOURITE SINGERS in the world came to my school! Will.I.Am was generous to give our school a $100,00 cheque!

Before I thought our visitor will be Stan Walker but no it was the amazing WILL.I.AM!!! The thing I love about him is his music really inspires me. I really love the song that him and Justin Beiber done which was #thatPOWER. I was shocked how he said that he has brothers and sisters, I really wanted to know how many brothers and sisters he had but I was too shy to ask. I really loved his ancient it sounded like he came from Australia but he was actually from the U.S.A.

Later on after the school met, came around to our class and had a look of what we do during class time. One of my friends got asked if she could say what she wrote about, it was an amazing piece of writing. Here’s a link to my friend Makayla’s blog about Keep in touch because I’ll be posting more about!