Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Egg Report

New Zealand people eat 920,000,000 eggs per year. Eggs can be different colours depending on the hen (white eggs are laid by white hens and brown eggs are laid by brown hens.) The eggs only last for 21 days unrefrigerated

There can be many choices we can choose from different eggs. Most of the eggs in New Zealand come from caged hens.

Free range eggs and organic eggs come from hens who have access to an area where they can run free, stretch and flap their wings. Their eggs are more expensive. They leave the door open so in the mornings they get to walk out for some sunshine.
Barn eggs come from hens who lives on a farm. The chickens only have a little bit of space to run around. They get chicken fed and dust baths and when they go to sleep.
We eat eggs mostly because of the protein inside of it. Cooked eggs are better than raw eggs to keep us fit and healthy. They are much better because raw eggs might have bacteria and the heat that cooks the eggs eliminates the bacteria.

There can be protein found in the egg’s yolk. Free range eggs have more protein than cage eggs.  Salmonella won’t be found in NZ eggs. The eggs in NZ have a darker yolk than other countries.

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