Friday, May 31, 2013

Obesity in America

Obesity has come through U.S very quickly. There are many people that are getting affected by junk food addiction. Obesity has been affecting people's health in America. It causes heart attacks, heart disease, diabetes, shortness of breath and knee pains.

In some countries their coffins have to be extra big so the obese people are able to fit in the coffin. The coffin weighed 1000 pounds. It could hold a person that died 750 pounds.

Some people that are obese have problems like, lack of mobility (movement). There are people AND even kids that are dying at a younger age just because of obesity. The youngest age that has died was around 11 years old.

There is a store in America that has EXTREMELY affected some people of obesity. The store is called Heart Attack Drill. Their theme was hospitals and nurses.Their meat patties in the burgers use to be six pounds but now they are 12 pounds. A man who use to go there everytime died at the age of 29 because of pneumonia.He weigh over 570 pounds.

So obesity is a very dangerous disease. It can can kill you at a very young age. So think before you start eating if it’s healthy or not. You can eat some junk food but just watch out you might start getting addicted to it!

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