Friday, May 10, 2013

Seeing for the first time!

WELCOME WILL.I.AM!! the whole school was so excited to meet the famous singer Two of our students Vivienne and Patrick stood up and said a prey to start with. Later on it was time to watch the kapa haka perform. Cheering on for the kapa haka girls and boys then it was time for the hip hop group. Clapping for the group it was finally time for WILL.I.AM!

Hearing his voice was amazing to know that he really came. I was so surprised that one of MY FAVOURITE SINGERS in the world came to my school! Will.I.Am was generous to give our school a $100,00 cheque!

Before I thought our visitor will be Stan Walker but no it was the amazing WILL.I.AM!!! The thing I love about him is his music really inspires me. I really love the song that him and Justin Beiber done which was #thatPOWER. I was shocked how he said that he has brothers and sisters, I really wanted to know how many brothers and sisters he had but I was too shy to ask. I really loved his ancient it sounded like he came from Australia but he was actually from the U.S.A.

Later on after the school met, came around to our class and had a look of what we do during class time. One of my friends got asked if she could say what she wrote about, it was an amazing piece of writing. Here’s a link to my friend Makayla’s blog about Keep in touch because I’ll be posting more about!

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