Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Term 1 reflection

Fiafia is coming! This week our school is having a fiafia night. It is a performance when different cultures show their own performances for a symbol of their country. There will be hip-hop, drumming and much much more. Food stores will be open for people and seats for them to sit down and watch. The stage will be on the field.

I'm in the Samoan group! I chose this group because this will be the only time for me to shine in my culture. This is my last year doing fiafia at this school. So this year I’m going to try my best at being a good role model. Jay’lee, she is a good leader for our group and a big thank you to her mum Timmy for teaching us the dance. Our group has been working hard to get the dance right. Now we just need to practice smiling and our singing.

This Thursday 18th of April 2013 will be the 60th anniversary of Point England School. That’s why our school is having fiafia. To celebrate the anniversary of our school. I am very nervous of this week. I'm starting to get overjoyed about this because this is the first time we are performing outside. Performing in front of hundreds of people has to be the thing I’m afraid of. Being confident is what I have to do on the day. Just smile and have fun is my way to get confidence.

My whole family from my Samoan and Maori side will be coming. My family loves watching me perform in fiafia. When I start dancing I always hear my dad yell my name. My dad is Samoan I support him on his softball sport. He plays for Otahuhu softball club, he teaches me how to swing and pitch. He is the best dad I could ever have. He supported me through my days of tea ball and now I’m going to make him proud to dance in my cultural group.

Being in fiafia is fun. I love to join hip-hop and Samoan because they are my favourite dances I love to join. What I love about hip-hop is that you get to dance however you like. Samoan, what I love about Samoa is that I get to represent my Nana who took care of me my whole life that’ll make my family proud especially my Nana that is watching me from above.


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