Monday, April 8, 2013

What we do on fiafia practice's!

Laughing with joy the Samoan group was practicing! Over and over we have to get this dance right. All in positions and we are all ready! the song starts to play and a smile came on our faces! With a big wave of our hands it was tiring. We had 5 minutes break and after we will practice our song.

Tausagi Mai manu e! Everybody started to sing. We stopped a couple of times time get our voices to sing properly! My friend was trying to help because I struggled when it came to singing! Learning the words has to be the key thing I need to practice on!!! Singing fast might be easy for some Samoans but for me it’s HARD!!

Dancing some more I’m getting use to the dance. We started again and I got it! So now I like dancing to the song at home and I tried to teach my cousins how to do the dance! Looking side to side I see my friends having fun. The action I hate is always bending down because it makes my knees sore, but I don’t mind because I'm used to it.

We all gathered around and our teacher told us that we have to smile and just enjoy it! We did one more song practice. We sounded great!! Our next practice's will be on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!

I love Fiafia practice.

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  1. Hi Tui

    I really liked your story about Fiafia. You must be really enjoing your time rehearsing. You will learn & pick up the song really fast. Remember Fiafia's next week!! Keep up the good BLOGGING, cant wait for your next post!


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