Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Learning At School!

Walking in class my friends and I sat on our desk’s. Talking about what we’ve been doing lately and having a laugh like always. The bell rings, we quickly get our netbooks and turn them on. We have a look at what we’re doing for the learning block. We started writing and I’m just starting my paragraph one. So I ask my friend for some help to read my writing!.

Second block we have P.E. It is my favourite subject in class learning time! I love running and I love being sporty. We sat down and our teacher Mrs. Lagitupu  told the girls first that we had to run around the field once! I jogged first and then ran! I got half way and I tried my best to not stop! I am slowing down but I need to push myself harder! I keep on going, nearly there I finally made it and a HOORAY I shouted at the top of my lungs!
The class takes a three minute rest time. All of the girls stand up so we can do shuttle runs. !GO! our teacher told us. We ran to the first tree and back. !GHOST! she tricked us so we still carried on to the second tree and then the third. One more and I sprinted off because I was tired. I finally got back and dropped so I could have a big long rest. Then  it was the boys turn to do the  shuttle run! They were just slower than us.

We got back to class and I quickly ran to get my netbook. I sat down and went on xtramath. Xtramath is a site for kids to 10 year olds and up. You have to guess the answer before the time runs out. I am on two seconds division. I love my math too! I’m really into multiplication but I still struggle. After I finish my math I go on Math Whizz. It might sound familiar and yes it is a Math site. It helps me get better at my math, specially my long division. I’m getting way better than last year.

Last block was inquiry which is topic. During our time we finish off our movies or our podcasting. My podcasting is mainly about the book called A Diary Of A Wimpy Kid (Dog days). Some of you’s might of seen the movie but I haven't. So I just read the book about it! It really caught my eye so that’s why I chose that book! My buddy partner is Ashlee! She is one big help. She helps me through my story and helps me what to say. Her book is called Geronimo Stilton.

BRING!!!  The bell rang everybody packed up and quickly got their bags and sat down to be dismiss! Everybody was waiting until everyone was quite. Good Afternoon class our teacher said gladly. The whole class replied back good afternoon Mrs.lagitupu and zoomed out! Walking home with my friends having a laugh we saw free swings and we all had a race of who would get the swings first.

Learning at school is FUN!

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