Friday, April 5, 2013


Easter is the best holiday only for five days. In those five days I usually spend them with family.

On the first day I’ll relax and then hang out with my brother. Then will go see how my families doing setting up the Easter hunt! After I’ll go with my aunties to go get the stuff to make the Easter hunt for the little ones. We got chocolate Easter eggs and paint for my Mum and uncle to paint faces on the day. During the hunt of shopping I wondered if we should have maps to make it easier for the little ones, my mum thought it was a great idea!

The second day will be setting up the plan of where we should hide the Easter egg’s. As the adults were setting the plan I was distracting the little one’s so they wouldn't know what we were up to. They thought I was acting strange and suspicious but I told them I was just happy. They thought I was hiding a present but they still didn't know what was going on.


The third day we got everything prepared for them. I got them to gather around and to follow me. One of the kids said where are we going? I said to a special place called the backyard, the kids laughed! I took them around the house like five times just to make sure the adults were ready. I walk outside and saw my Mum, Aunt and Uncle standing there with Rabbit faces on them. The three of them gave maps to a  different child. One for Teilah another for Laurel and one more for Tyreese! They all were excited when my mum shouted GO! They zoomed off like animals trying to find heaps of Easter eggs.

I helped the youngest one Tyreese. I gave him a clue where one was. He looked in the bushes and saw a purple and a blue Easter egg. FOUND ONE!!! Teilah shouted, ME TOO! came from Laurel. I went to Laurel and just check how she is going with the Easter hunt. She found three Easter eggs! So I went over to Teilah and she found two, exactly like Tyrese!

I came back and saw Tyreese with loads of Easter eggs, I was wondering how he found those so quickly? I checked his map but what I only saw three lines on it not six. Where did you find these? I asked him. He said the trees! I never knew they hid it behind the tree’s. After 30 minutes we all huddled in a circle. I was shocked of how many all of them found! Teilah had 8, Laurel had 5 and Tyreese had 10 I couldn't believe it. After we all ate the chocolate Easter eggs the kids settled down and watched some movies, they finally fell asleep!

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