Friday, May 10, 2013

My Holiday Highlights!

MORNING!!! my aunty yelled. I moaned as I slowly woke up. Stomp! stomp! stomp! I dragged my feet to the kitchen as I followed the smell of bacon and eggs. Sizzling bacon cooking on the frying pan I sat on the table waiting for my plate.

Later after my yummy breakfast I got ready to go for a walk to the rugby fields. Finding the rugby ball was difficult because I couldn't find it. Up and down looking for the ball I looked in the garage but there was still no rugby ball. “Found it” my cousin screamed we quickly put on our shoes and sprinted off to the fields. Playing passes we both started to play rugby.

Scoring tries my cousin gets her revenge. Now it’s my turn to run with the ball. Sidestepping her, she is very hard to get away from so I tried to sprint. Nearly to the goal post but she quickly tackled me down. One more chance to get there I quickly tricked her to get my goal. TRY! I finally got to the goal as I had my victory dance.

It’s five o'clock in the afternoon we started walking back home. We both enjoyed our game of rugby. We had a little stop at the shop to get us some drinks because we were puffed out. Home was just around the corner so we decided to have a race to see who can get home first. READY, SET and GO!! we both zoomed off as she tried to pull me back. A feeling came from my back as she roughly pulled me as she was ahead of me. I reached out for her hair and then pulled it, we didn't know who won but at least we had fun.

My aunt walked in the lounge and saw two girls snoring like there was a beast in the room. She got us two blankets and put them on top of us. So we both enjoyed our day.


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