Monday, September 16, 2013

My Term 3 reflection (Rugby)

Playing for the first time at the sevens tournament was a big thing for me. The girls that I saw at the games were all sorts of sizes skinny, big, strong or weak. Playing the first three team were sort of average. They were all easy except for one which was the big girls. They gave me bruises sore arms and legs but atleast I know how this game go’s now.

A couple of weeks later we had a tournament in our area. It was to year 6 to year 8 Rugby and Rippa rugby girls and boys. Our first Rugby game was against Glen Innes Primary. Walking onto the field after our cheer looking at our opponent. Being a winger is the important position in the team you’ll have to be quick and hard. Looking at my other player she was short,skinny and also faster than me. Getting to full time the score was 3-2 to Point England. Going for the last score the siren went off but at least we beaten them by one point.

Having our break we just got some great news. It seems like Glen Innes primary was the only team we needed to defeat so we could go Auckland champs. When everybody was eating I started to get bored so I started a game up of Touch. We had two teams one was year 5-6 and the other team was year 7-8. On the last touch it was my turn to run, running and running one of the girls catched up so I stepped her. The second girl Sisilia shes fast so I decided to run as fast as I can, then Hannah came up shes really fast but not as fast as me.

Second round for all the schools to go to their fields. Before going to the fields we had a quick prayer. Giving each other confidence is the main plan in our game so all of us aren’t shy. I’m standing on the sideline cheering my team on “Go Point England.” Onto Half time it’s a close game. “GO POINT ENGLAND GO GO” I shouted. Mary is running up and she runs the whole team out and scores us a try. 3-1 is the score for now lets see if they make it. YAY !!!!!! everybody heard the full time noise after Jay’lee scored us a try, all of us were amazed and shocked. Walking home with happiness we were proud of all of us.

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  1. Well done Tui I can tell you really enjoy playing rugby.


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