Friday, October 18, 2013

The first day of Term 4

Oh-no !! back to school this week. Getting dropped off to school wondering if class will still be the same or different. Entering the class I see that my teacher has changed the theme on our wall. The theme of this term is What in the world is going on? Sitting at our table my friends and I were talking about our holiday. Many of us had a great holiday.

Sitting in our school hall many of my friends are here. Waiting for our principle to arrive every teacher i see is in a costume. Introducing our theme What in the world is going on Mr.Burt dressed up as Mike McRobbits.

Time for team one they made a movie that they are going to learn about What is going on in Glen Innes. What I loved about their movie is that they dressed up as foxes and their background song was "The Fox". Team two, they are learning about different celebrations around the world. Then it was time for team three and they act was a pancake eating contest. My favourite part of their act was when they covered Miss.Walters face with cream, Make up and golden syrup.

Onto the last two acts was really amazing. First was Team four and they made a rap. The rap was about farming so this term the year 6's are learning about farms. The last act was team five our teachers have made a movie about their past. Learning about our teachers past makes me want to learn even more about them specially about my teacher Mrs.Lagitupu. I think that this term will be amazing.

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