Thursday, December 12, 2013

Netbook Reflection

Using netbooks for the past three years has been great. Netbooks has helped me in many ways. Such as Maths, Reading and especially my Writing. It taught me how to do maths in easy ways and it also taught me how to pronounce words that I didn't know how to say. It's really great to have my own netbook that'll connect to a wi-fi where I can do my own work in my own time.

The first time when I heard that our school was getting netbooks I was really excited. For the fact the first time was a sad moment for me. A couple weeks after I had my own netbook I dropped it by accident. I had to wait for one whole year for my screen to be replaced. From then and now on I’m being way more careful of where I walk.

Having a netbook is also good for me so I can teach some of my family members how to work technology or how to go on different sites. It also helped my dad how to work his tablet. I sometimes struggle with my learning on internet but I still keep on practicing.

One of my favourite sites will be Math Whizz. Math Whizz is a online site where anybody can sign up and learn many math levels. It taught me how to do Ratios and my Division. Math Whizz has really been a big help in my Maths. I have really shown a big growth from my math level then and now.

I’ll like to give a big thanks to Mr and Mrs.Burt for giving us year eights a wonderful year here at school.

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