Monday, July 8, 2013

Should pit bulls be banned from NZ?

Should pit bulls be banned from NZ? Well I think we shouldn't because pit bulls are one of my favourite dogs in the world. They are so fun to play with especially when you're playing Frisbee with them. My favourite thing I like about this dog is that they can be so cuddly when they want to cuddle with me.

You know, all pit bulls aren't bad it’s just how their owners treat them or raise them. I think it’s wrong for pit bulls to be banned because they haven’t done anything wrong! Yeah pit bulls can be bad but if you just give them attention they just might leave you alone. Pit bulls have a great personality.

Hearing that question about Should Pit bulls Be Banned From NZ was really heartbreaking to me. I think it’s just a sad thing that people want these kind of dogs out of New Zealand but the main thing I don’t get is why pit bulls should be banned from NZ? They’re just like other dogs!  

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  1. Hi Tui,
    You have mentioned some great points here against banning this species. I also agree with you that if owners bring them up right then we won't have problems. Good thinking shown by you in this piece. Keep up the good work.


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