Friday, March 15, 2013

My weekend being sick!!

Oh-no I'm sick!! Being sick can sound fun for kids, but actually it sucks. You just sit there and watch T.V or just sit in your room playing games. Well all of that is boring for me! Having a sore stomach is painful for me. The thing I hate about is that I have to walk backwards and forwards to the toilet and my room. It's really irritating!!! Being sick has to be one of the worse things I hate, especially my enemies, THE MEDICATIONS!

I was sitting in my bed when suddenly a GROWL came from my stomach. Oh-no I moaned, I even felt worse than I thought. Back I was in my bed still bored, until something amazing happened to me. I went for a ride to drop off my uncle to his job. It might sound boring but it's better than staying home and just talk to yourself or just watch t.v!!

On our way home we saw something interesting! A truck that nearly had a car accident. Apparently the truck driver tried to reverse but he ended in the middle of the road. When we were waiting for the truck to move my aunt's favourite song was on. My aunty and I were singing loud for the world to hear, it was funny because people were staring at us like we're weirdos.

 When we were home I was so bored that I didn't want to leave the truck. I said if we can go for a walk instead of just sitting at home? My nan said I can but I have to take my cousins with me, but I was ok with it. When my cousins and I were walking we all thought the same thing... BEING SICK SUCKS!!! We all missed school because being with our friends is what we enjoy at school, seeing our friends. So if you don't like school and you want to be sick... Trust me you don't want to be sick!

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  1. I share your sentiments Tui. What a great piece of writing. I hope you are back to full health now.

    Mrs Burt


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