Monday, March 25, 2013

My Morning's On Saturday's

The sound of birds chirping in the morning waking up, I smell breakfast!! Bacon and eggs sizzling on the fry pan, a smell of toast just popped up from the toaster. Kicking back in the lounge watching Fresh is my style! Laughing at the jokes which makes me smile.

Now I'm at the table eating the bacon and eggs getting full already. What is next? My mum told me it’s time to do the dishes. Doing the dishes isn't me because that’s just the thing about me. I hate doing the dishes and also the lawns, I struggle and struggle then I start to moan.

I might sound like a lazy person but to be honest I'm not! I love cleaning my room and the house so I'm not lazy. Now I'm back to my room already nice and tidy, my eye’s are heavy while I drift off to sleep.

Snoring is all you hear coming from my room. My brother stomps in like a elephant and chucks a pillow at me! I quickly got up and was shocked to death that I got two pillows and started chucking them back at him. Running out my brother sprints back to his room. Kicking back my day continues!!

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  1. Hi Tui,
    Nice to see you've been enjoying your weekends kicking back. Nice writing you really described your Saturday Mornings keep it up, your doing great. I really like the vocabulary you are using in your writings.


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