Friday, March 22, 2013

The old man enjoying his view

Walking among the sandy beach a old man enjoying his view. A big step on the beach is a memory of his childhood. Waves clashed together as he hears the screaming winds. Seagulls are flying and glistening sand beneath his feet. Footsteps follow behind him. He looks out further to the sea until he just sees islands.

Strolling across the beach hearing happiness everywhere! Children running and playing and families enjoying their picnics. The man still remembers his times with his family when he was young. Surfing and volley was on, laughter everywhere the man walks.

Singing a song to himself the man was glad. He loved the sounds of the ocean. Holding his sandals and walking in bare feet. Different shells he finds interesting that he sees. Smiling the old man was happy.

As his day carried on the man was happy and was enjoying his life and his view!!!

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