Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Touch Rugby

!THUD! you hear the ball drop on the ground. Pass there and pass here the game Touch Rugby can be confusing to play. I got the ball and started sprinting for my life as I felt touch on my back and I thought oh-no. As I knew I got caught I accidentally tripped over on my knees, but it was just a little scrape. I tried again but the same thing will still happen. One more try but no these people are too fast, but i’ll try better next time.

Our next drill was 4on4, to make it harder for the defenders to run away. I was on the attacker’s team so I have to chase the defenders before they get to the try line.

After we finished playing Touch Rugby the coach, Kevin taught us a game called Gotcha. The game goes like this. First you get your right hands pointing finger on top of the other persons left hand. Then your hand has to be straight flat. So you have to wait til the leader says GO! and then you have to try and get the person's finger that’s on your left hand!!

KIA Kite Ano, I hope you enjoyed my writing about Touch Rugby. My thought’s about Touch Rugby is that it is fun to play with your mates. I hope we play next time we see Kevin again!!!

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