Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Learning Goals!!!

Hello bloggers I’m going to tell you how I’m going to my learning goals! But first you will have to know what are my goals?

HHmm my goals start with R and ends with g? What can it be? Well if you guess reading (Ding Ding Ding) you just won your own mind!! Reading is my goal because it’s the only thing that I struggle on. So let’s hit through the story.

I chose reading cause I find it confusing and with difficulty. I also chose it because I struggle with it too!!! So as I chose that I am practicing to get better at reading. I love reading because it helps me with my education and with my work. I also like it because reading is just my thing. So my learning goal is Reading and I hope I achieve it to.

What can make my learning goal easier? So this is what I’m going to do!!! Well I think I just have to shut my mouth. Shut your mouth? you might be thinking well for the truth I’m a chatter box! Chatter box! Yes yes, I’m a chatter box, A chatterbox is when someone talks too much and I mean too much.So this is what I’m going to do!!!

So all of the bloggers that are reading this now, well here it is my learning goals. And how I’m going to make my work easier. So thank you my friend Jasmine for reading my work. Here is a link to her blog and I hope you enjoy my writing.

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