Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Touring Birthday!!! Version 2

Kia ora and talofa this is all about the.........A Touring Birthday! If you're guessing it’s my birthday you are absolutely wrong? It’s actually my friend Jasmine. She is my best friend by sticking up for me, She’s always beside me when I’m sad.

Oh? Hello I didn’t even notice you there. Welcome to the touring birthday! So we are going to rewind back to the past on saturday, 18 August 2012 9am. Now this birthday is my friend, Her name is Jasmine. Yes, yes you might know her from me mentioning her in my writing!Here is a link to her blog so you can know who she is!!!

At the movies we watched Step Up 4 it was so amazing, dancing in Miami!!! Following by Ten Pin Bowling as the birthday girl one her game. Also coming was Laser strike I won by most points my score 3180.Then we straight away ran to the arcade just on one game getting loads of tickets. After, we went and had this delicious food called Burger King.

The five interesting places that we enjoyed were Movies, Ten Pin Bowling, the Arcade, Laser strike and the tastiest food place in the whole world is...........Burger king.

What I love about the birthday is that we had fun and we all were happy. My most favourite thing was laser strike our opponents were these little kids they were hard to get. One there the other behind me where are these kids? So stay in touch cause I might going to be posting more interesting things about different happenings.

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