Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Personal Challenge

Talofa everyone this is my writing about my personal challenge! If you want to know what my personal challenge is... I suggest that you should read and get some clues off my writing to guess?

My Challenge starts with the letter R and ends with G? My second clue is you use your legs? And lucky last you run out of breath? If you guess rowing you are wrong it’s actually running.My experiance in runnung is very struggleling because sometimes when you run you run out of breath and your legs struggle well that’s what I have.

I chose running because: It’s good working out, you have a lot of fun and I can even try beat the world record.But the real reason is because this friday 17 of August, 2012 is cross country.Cross country is running and doing your best. It is also like a race but different teams,years and ages. Running is also my favourite thing during the day!!! And its always good for me to play games on the fields.

What I love about running is that it makes me healthy and fast. When I first started to love running it happened when I was only 10 years old year 6 room 18, last year. It was like a happy sunny day, I was waiting in line full of ten year old girls. Then we were at the start of the line where Mr.Burt was standing with these two wooden pieces in his arms. It was quiet, everyone was nervous........BANG!!! the two woods made together I ran as fast as I could until I ran out of breath nearly half way but still couldn't run. On the way Back to the finish line I got the hang of it, its actually easy!! So the next day I told myself I’m going to achieve my challenge which was running everyday.

I am thanking my friendly friend Jasmine for reading my writing and editing my work to make it better. So Next time if you see me blogging it might be a slightly different and more intelligent. So Tofa Soifua.

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