Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Opening Ceremony

Kia ora everyone did you watch the opening ceremony for the olympic flames? Well all to know I did it was so spectacular. So let see what happened through the ceremony!!!

The thing that made me laugh until the last minute was Mr.bean. He made laugh because the musicians were playing their song and as you here threw the music is a one beat solo of Mr.Bean playing the piano... During his note he needed to sneeze. So he tried to get his bag but he failed but suddenly he had an idea? it was an umbrella so he quickly grabbed it and put it on the piano but he’s still playing the note and grabbed a tissue... when he was finished he had a dream! In his dream he thought that he was in the olympics, but the funniest thing that he always does is cheat!!! he cheated because he was losing so he had a plan to get a car.So that’s what made me laugh until the very last minute.

I have one question for you what is your favourite sports and what did you like about the opening!

My favourite sport is swimming and archery...My thought of the opening is so amazing and so interesting play. My favourite bit was when all the Mary Poppins came and took their kids in their bed. My other lucky last is when Voldemort came for story time for the little girls nightmare. So as I said before why can’t you tell me your favorite clip of the ceremony!!SO LET THE GAMES BEGINS!!!

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