Friday, July 20, 2012

How Jesse Owens became world wide

Good Morning or good afternoon to you all blog viewers as you know that I’m going to tell you all about how and when did Jesse Owens became the fastest man in the world. So kick back and feel free to wander through my blog!

Jesse Owens attempted in the Olympics of the century of 1936 in Berlin.He won four gold medals in his sprints. The 100m, the 200m and the long jump – and favourite for gold. After he wins his sports loads of autographs will appear in the crowd when he runs down the race track. When he did his long jumps the photograph people took their snapes and after he jumped a huge crowd of interviewers were asking him questions, he was happy to look forward to be interviewed.

As he became world wide he’s been practicing his sprints just to only beat his own world record did you know that? I heard that he was the fastest man in the world and I decided to write about him. One day I thought to myself, I should try beat his world record! I ended up lying on the concrete half way to Glen Innes dehydrated.

So, I wonder what kind of man brown or white whom going to be the new fastest man in the world!!! So there it is my viewers let see who will be the next fastest man? Do you know?

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