Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Term 3 Writing, Olympics

Hi there, as you know this is my writing. This writing is all about  the London Olympics.

Do you know what’s my favorite sport is in the olympics? If you guess swimming you are correct. “Why did you choose swimming Tui “you may ask? Well, truthfully  swimming is my thing!!!

The reason why I said swimming is my thing.Well, simply I love swimming! Concentration, speed and movements are the three most important words to me. When I’m at the pools I see how people swim. My big brother thinks I’m weird, But that helps me with my techniques and movements.

What I hope for the future is that when I grow up I’ll compete in the Olympics swimming relays... Or I hope I’ll beat the world swimming world record .  

So that’s all, my blog viewers if you enjoyed my blog feel free to comment.Thanks to jasmine for reading and editing my work. Are you a good swimmer, do you have a goal?

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