Thursday, June 28, 2012

Why I love reading

Hello there ! I’m going to tell you a bit of my writing about what I love  about reading. So kick back and relax and read...

Reading, reading is my thing but not actually my thing but it is my favourite task that I like to do through my learning. Why do you like reading you may ask well I like reading because I love adventures and action to read, If I saw a movie that had a lot of action I will be desperate to get the book of that movie thats why I love READING! My second thing that I love reading is that it builds up my knowledge of reading so I can read and post.

You know people think that reading task are hard for them but believe me it is! I think it’s hard because I chose it to be. I chose it to be difficult because I love achieving them. Achieving them is such like me because it feels fantastic. But when you were young how did you feel when you achieve your reading task?

Now, this shows how much I really love reading. This picture is my reward that means I’ve got 100% on my work. So stay tuned because this piece is actually not finnish and next time I will post the rest.


  1. Hi Tui,

    Very good with your reading and very sorry about our grandma.I read your story and it was very very good.

    God bless with the good things you have done and keep working hard at school!!

    1. Sorry about the mistake and I meant your grandma sorry about that Tui

    2. it's ok but I do miss my nana with heaps of love so god bless you to.


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