Thursday, June 7, 2012

Why is this my Favourite place?

This is my Favourite place because beaches is just my thing. I like beaches because: there is a lot of space to play games, we can go swimming and my favourite thing to do is relaxing! Relaxing is y thing because every day after school I don’t get that much sleep.

What I do at my favourite place is that sometimes my brother and I play tag and I am a pretty good runner and hider for my older brother. After I play tag with my brother I actually have a rest and really big amount of drink cause I run a lot... Later during the day at the beach my day will always sneak up to me with a bucket full of water and SPLASH!!! soaking wet “oh no not again” I said!

What I like about my favourite place is that I love family celebration going on at the beach. The other is, actually that only it...

Next time I’m going to the beach the first thing I’m going to do is wait for my dad go to sleep and water bomb him. The second is just kick back and enjoy the day.

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