Friday, August 17, 2012

My Improvement in my writing

Kia orana blog viewers. This, my writing is all about my personal challenge? If you want to know what my personal challenge is you will have to read and look and guess my clues!

OK, my challenge start of with R and ends with N can you guess?
My second is using your legs. Lucky last you run out of breath. So if you suggest rowing your wrong cause (Drum roll please).........RUNNING! Yes running is my personal challenge!

I chose running because in our class we could pick one challenge for the rest of the term. I also chose it because that’s the only thing that I do every day but now I’m going hard core! Running, running is a thing that I really need to go faster on cause cross country is the thing that I want to get better on! Cross country what is that you might be wondering? Well it’s like a race around our school bounds and whoever comes in the top three go’s and challenges different school.

Loving to run is my thing. You can even try. I love running because it makes me fast, healthy and even enjoyable. Running running RUNNING!!! Just stuck in my head can’t get it out of my brain!!

What a round of a pause to jasmine my friend who actually read and helped me with my writing by making it better. So stay tune because I might be post some more about challenges.

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