Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Duffy Book

 Talofa Lava! This is all about my book called EJ12. You might of heard or already read it. Well this is my thought’s about the book.

I choose this book because I love reading and it’s also because reading is my favourite thing to do through my education. Also because I really want to know more of this authors books and see what’s my interest in her writing.
I see in this author is that I love her vocabulary and how she get's easy words that she had transform into an interesting word. Susannah Mcfarlane is a interesting author, but for my opinion and scores on her books is ten and excellent!

I thank my very best friend Jasmine for helping me through my writing by making it make sense.So stay tune and keep in touch because there is another book that I’m going to write about and this one is interesting too and I hope you will enjoy my writing ka kete ano.

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