Friday, September 21, 2012

My Improvement in my writing!

Hello! This is all about my book called EJ12. You might of heard of this book. Well this is my thought’s about the book.

I selected this book because
I haven't and I mean haven’t read  one of these series in my whole life. So we’re going to see what was my interested in this author's

What I have seen in this author’s book. Is that I love how she uses her vocabulary like an easy word to a complex interesting word. You might be confused how I explained it but this is what I mean... is that she put the word in a easy meaning into a difficult meaning.Like interest and enthusiastic.

I should really give a big thank you to Jasmine who is also my friend as she has helped me with my writing. So stay tune because there is more to post from me tofa soifua.

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