Friday, September 7, 2012

My Learning Goals (Revamp)

Hi visitors this is my revamp of My Learning Goals! Ok, now let’s hit the writing. Hope you enjoy!!!

HHmm my learning starts with the capital R and ends with a lowercase g? What Could my learning be? Well if you guess reading (ding ding) you just used your brain! Well I chose reading because I struggle and also suck at it for the truth... I also chose it because it’s my favourite learning task in school.

My Favourite thing about reading is the books. Why books? You're wondering, well I chose books because it builds my mind up to excellent. So I am going to achieve my goal reading. But there’s one thing. How am I going to achieve it??? Well I suggest that I should think?

What can make my learning goal easier? (Tick) I got it! I think that I should shut my mouth.Shut your mouth? you might be thinking well for the truth I’m a chatter box! Chatter box! Yes yes, I’m a chatter box, A chatterbox is when someone talks too much and I mean too much.So this is what I’m going to do!!! Every time I’m next to my friend and they talk to me IGNORE, if they are again IGNORE or again sit somewhere else. So everyone this is how I'm going to achieve My Learning Goals!!!

So I am thanking my best friend Jasmine for reading my writing! Yes, yes you might of mention her name in my other writing, so here’s  a link to her blog if you might want to know about her. So stay tune as I post more writing about what my different learning goals I’m doing every week.

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