Monday, September 17, 2012

My Improvement in my writing!

Kia ora mate I will be telling you all about my hobbies. The first thing we should do is buckle your seat belts because this is writing is going to blow you out of your seats.

What are hobbies? Hobbies are things that you enjoy in your life. Like mine. Mine are Swimming and sports, the main things I enjoy in my life! I chose swimming and sports because my favourite challenge is running. Running? you might be thinking, well swimming does involve running following by sport!

What I love about my hobbies are, they involve with spending time with friends. I also love my hobbies because I can enjoy them with my family by having fun! But the most thing I love is family time.  

So there you go, and I should thank my friend Jasmine for reading my writing. Here is the link to her blog and I hope you enjoyed my writing.

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