Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Hobbies

Kia Ora World Wide Visitors! I’m going to write about MY HOBBIES! If you're guessing what my hobbies are just hang on to your horses and read. Here is a clue they start with S and R? What Can they be?

What are hobbies? Hmm (LIGHT BULB)They are different types of things that you enjoy like swimming and rippa rugby. So if you want to know what hobbies are, well here you go people this is what Hobbies are!!

Have you guess what my hobbies are yet? Well let me tell you, my first one is swimming?Did you see my clues from paragraph 2 and this paragraph. Well I put my hobbies in the paragraph on top of this one to give you more clues and that’s how I sometimes roll in my writing.  

What I love about my hobbies is that they involve with moving your body and involves with being under water. I love things that involve running and getting under water. I enjoy swimming cause since I was a little girl I was like swimming for freedom in the pool! I love rippa rugby because I think it’s time for one of the grandkids to play a different type of sport rather than basketball!!!

So there you go, and I should thank my friend Jasmine for reading my writing. Here is the link to her blog and I hope you enjoyed my writing.

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